Francesco’s Dedication

Allow me to pepper your Tuesday morning with some baby cuteness!!! Last Sunday, Daniela and Stefano dedicated Francesco to the Lord in a simple ceremony in Union Church of Manila. And to celebrate this cutie patootie’s life, we had a little get together with close family and friends at Stacy’s. These beautiful photos were captured by my fantabulous photographer friend, Sheila Catilo. Sheila, thank you for always being there to capture our family’s milestones—both big and small. We have been so blessed by your talents numerous times. Thanks for always making time for us.
To Daniela and Stefano, congratulations!!! We pray that you will always remember to work as one solid unit, to encourage one another and to cheer each other on as you go through the ups and downs of parenthood. We know it hasn’t been easy, with the sleepless nights and infinite nappy changes but we can see how happy you both are with this new bundle of joy so it’s all worth it! 

To our dearest Cesco, Ninong Patrick and Tita Patty love you to the moon and back! Your cute fingers and toes, your sweet yawns, and your glowing eyes are more than enough reasons for us to believe that indeed you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. In a few months you’ll be sailing far, far away and we will miss you terribly—but do know that we will be praying for you night and day. And thanks to technology, we can watch your milestones via Skype! Hehehe!:) You are the most precious thing that has happened to our little family and we praise the Lord for you!

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And to my mom and dad, after years of hoping, praying and wishing—your big dream has finally come true and you are now officially LOLO and LOLA!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Congratulations!!! My dad has been on cloud 9 ever since my sister found out she was preggers—like he won a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Yacht, and the USD 300,000,000 jackpot all at once! After years of being the lone male in our family, he now has two sons in Stefano and Patrick and a grandson in Cesco! Woopeee! And to my mom, thank you for being the world’s most caring and nurturing grandmother. She has now been dubbed as the “baby whisperer” in our home because she can instantaneously put a halt to the baby’s shrieks and wails just by cuddling, snuggling, and singing. It’s amazing how Cesco responds to her voice—it’s like honey to his baby ears! My mom even sings him church hymns in Bisaya and it works! Hehehehe 🙂

Stefano and Daniela are so blessed to have you two (and also our team of loving manangs at home!) and I’m sure Cesco will receive lots of loving from his Italian grandparents too when he flies back this Feb 🙂 Thank you Lord for the gift of family—it may not be a perfect one but it’s the one I truly am grateful for.  

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  1. Hi Patty,

    I can relate because I’m a new mom too. 🙂 Your post is very inspiring. It reminds everyone to live a life full of prayers and thanksgiving.

  2. I love your blog Patty!! If I could only write as good as you!! God bless you and your beautiful mind!:)