Georgina’s Beauty Secret

I rarely get starstruck. Scrap that, I always get starstruck. I smiled creepishly when I saw Dawn Zulueta in my apartment building. I was sweating bullets when I interviewed Gary V. And I had my jaw dropped when I saw Tweetie de Leon in the Country Club. I had another total dweeb meets goddess moment when I hosted the launch party of Lactacyd White.I actually got the chance to chat with the lovely Georgina Wilson off stage and on stage. As you all know this “IT GIRL” is the new brand endorser for the brand. She’s ten times prettier in person (I was gushing about this with Pat all afternoon), smart and very personable. Check out the new commercial here…so fresh and pretty!!!

At the launch, Georgina shared that she has been a loyal Lactacyd user for years–long before they got her as an official endorser. She declared that she uses Lactacyd White Intimate because it makes her feel fresh and clean (even down there). Since Lactacyd is the leading feminine wash brand in Asia, Georgina expressed how this has made her feel more confident in using this product knowing that there are millions of happy Lactacyd women in the region. 
Aside from chatting with Georgina, I also enjoyed the fashion show which featured Project Runway Philippines’ alumni  Veejay Floresca, Santi Obcena, and Russell Villafuerte. If only I had the moolah, I would purchase all the clothes from the runway! 
Thanks to Lactacyd White Intimate, these models were able to strut their stuff in the catwalk confidently! This new Lactacyd variant addresses a lot of concerns that most Pinay women are too shy to bring up. I’m sure a lot of you girls out there can relate! Finally, you can feel beautiful ALL OVER!

Lactacyd White Intimate is specifically formulated to lighten darkened skin in the bikini area. While wearing tight clothing is sexy, over time it can lead to friction and chafing in the bikini area. Coupled with the inevitable sweating, the skin down there appears darker. Lactacyd White Intimate’s all natural formulation gently cleanses and lightens the bikini area. Women who tested the product reported visible results in just four weeks. Lactacyd White Intimate has also been shown to be hypoallergenic, and can be used daily.

Lactacyd White Intimate is the perfect partner for intimate whitening, with marine-based Algowhite and plant-based Actipone-B ingredients as well as milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid. It is dermatologically tested safe to be used for the intimate area.

This is a sponsored post. Some of the text and images were provided by Sanofi. 
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  1. You’re very pretty too, Patty! I have weight problem, would you consider getting someone with a weight problem as winner to your contest?