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It’s a very sensitive topic, one even I have been trying to avoid for quite some time now (especially here on the blog), but it’s a topic that needs to be addressed. Ladies, it’s time to talk about our ta-tas. 

Even as a 31 year old, I still feel embarrassed shopping in the lingerie section. I’m always shy about the whole experience of selecting bras and panties. Because of this, I’d always sort of zip and go whenever I would shop for my underwear. I’d mumble my bra size to the saleslady, grab a couple of pieces and head straight to the cashier. I remember the dread I felt when I was shopping for my honeymoon lingerie—gaaaaakkkks! Nakakahiya picking out those lacey and racey pieces! What if I bump into one of my titas? What if I see an old officemate? I kept waving my wedding ring just to show “Kasal na po ako! Kasal na po ako!” Hahahaha! I never really got myself properly fitted and I just sort of guessed my size and settled with “pwede na yan”. 

I wear a bra every single day. There hasn’t been a day in my life that I’ve gone bra-less. (Well except for those beach trips, of course I was lounging in a swimsuit. Hehehe) But what I’m trying to point out here is that women spend 12-18 hours in a bra every single day. So you can imagine the discomfort you subject yourself to each day just by wearing the wrong bra size. Not only does it affect the way your clothes fall on you, your confidence and outlook, it also affects your health! And that’s something a lot of women don’t consider. So it’s high time we invest in our chests, girlies!

Marks and Spencer invited me last Monday to “Get Fitted” and I was actually excited to do it. I realized that I’ve been avoiding it for so long but that it was something I really needed to do for myself. The whole experience was quick, professional and discreet. And yes, it’s a FREE service you can avail of at any Marks and Spencer branch. A trained bra specialist will just fit you in the dressing room, suggest the proper bra types/styles for you, and she’ll even teach you how to properly wear them. Yes! Even I was surprised to discover that there’s a “right” way to wear your bra—which will keep your breasts secure and healthy. Miss Sita made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole fitting process–which took only 5 minutes. She revealed to me my correct size and I was shocked! I was wearing the wrong cup size for so many years! When I wore the bra with the correct size, it was like falling in love with my body all over again. I never knew my breasts could look and feel so good. I was struggling with my clothing choices for so many years—all because I was wearing the wrong bra size! Imagine that?!?! All those necklines I’ve rejected, all those tops I’ve forgotten, all those clothes I could have worn but thought I couldn’t pull off because they didn’t look flattering on me—all because of my miscalculated bra size. It’s incredibly liberating for a girl to find the right bra size. No more double-busting, no more hiking up your bra at formal functions, no more wires digging into your breast tissue, no more back bulges, etc. Such a simple, little adjustment can do so much for you!
Luxe bras to make you feel like a million bucks.
These pretty nursing bras are perfect for the hot mamas.
T-shirt bras come in push-up and non-push up form. These are perfect for daily use.
They even have bras for Breast Cancer Survivors and 
other women who may need special attention for post surgery.
Getting fitted for my bra—of course, 
I didn’t take pics of the actual bra fitting, medyo rated R na yun! Hahahaha!
Thank you Miss Sita for helping me find the right size for my “ladies”.

Oh and since OCTOBER is all about celebrating the survivors of Breast Cancer and building awareness for BREAST HEALTH, Marks and Spencer is giving a 15% special discount on all their bras! And if you get yourself fitted and present your fit card, there’s an additional 5% markdown 🙂 For more details on how you can find the right bra, you can watch this video too!

Thank you to the ladies of M&S for encouraging me to Invest in my Chest!:)

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  1. HaloO Patty! I’ve dropped by your blog kasi namiss ko ng magbasa sa mga posts mo. And glad meron ka gang new posts ( yes, posts talaga!) kasi mejo ilang araw ng d nakapagcheck. Ta-da meron gang new. And it’s an interesting topic for us girlies, I would say. There was one celebrity whose name is Juliana Palermo, I’ve heard her say somewhere or actually watched one of her guesting on tv before so many years back na, na importante tlaga maganda ang feeling mo wearing your intimates so you’d feel really beautiful and sexy. Na kahit hindi ganun kaganda ang outfit nation basta perfect ang intimates naming sobrang gandang-ganda pa rin ang feeling natin. From then on, sobrang specific and meticulous na ako sa intimates ko…. Ayun, I am so attracted to M&S intimates. I love the floral ones. Haaay ganda!!! Patty! Thank for posting a new one! hehehehhe I’m a follower, tagal na..kahit sa old blog mo pa 😉 Love your posts! Sobra!