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The LONG wait is finally over!!! Ladies, I’m giving you FIRST DIBS! Presenting The Pretty Little Rings collection by Patty Laurel-Filart and Elena Bautista!!! And the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiiiilddddd!!!! (insert standing ovation here) 

Before anything, can I just extend my heartfelt thanks to all my readers! Elena and I worked on this project with the simple intention of helping the children of CENEP Foundation—we didn’t think it would garner this much buzz! And it’s all because of you, my loyal and dear readers, my virtual friends, my online family! Thank you for opening your hearts for this cause. 🙂 🙂

I actually shared this in one interview but I’d like to talk about it again here on the blog. Elena and I both want these stackable rings to be “giving rings”. We would love for these rings to be a simple call to action, to encourage people to pay-it-forward in their own little way. We are so honored to partner with CENEP Foundation, An Education and Nutrition Program for impoverished preschool children in Tondo and Mandaluyong. My family has been supporting them quietly for many years now and it’s always a joy working with this group. I’d like to thank Elena for agreeing to make these “giving rings”, she cost each ring very fairly so we won’t have to make them too expensive (making the prices affordable for our clients—causing YOU to HELP the kids more!). I personally will not be making any profit from the sales 🙂

Not only will these rings bring joy to the kids of CENEP, they will also bring a lot of happiness to the ones who will be wearing them. They’re eye candy for sure but more than just looking pretty, each ring carries a virtue too. We want women to be reminded of the values they hold dear through these little things wrapped around their fingers. Women go through emotional, physical and spiritual struggles each day—so we thought it would be nice to have something to serve as a gentle reminder of the things that really matter. 

Some women also love how the stones represent symbolic months in their lives–birthdays of their children, anniversaries, etc. Whether it’s for the virtues or the occasions, we love that women can attach meaning to these rings. We envision people purchasing this not only for themselves, but for their moms, their sisters, their best friends. Even for men to purchase them for their wives and girlfriends as a token to show their appreciation. Mga misis/gf, pwede na kayo magparinig sa mga boys ninyo! Hahaha! Just send them a link to this blog entry, hurry! 🙂

Just to put it out there, I don’t believe that these rings have any magic powers or superstitious qualities (A genie won’t pop out when you rub on them. hahaha!). But of course, if you believe that they do—then that’s totally fine 🙂 But personally, these rings are meaningful to me because they bring encouragement and inspiration with the meanings ascribed to each stone. Whether it serves as a reminder for a quality/trait you’d like to personally possess to combat your daily struggles or a virtue you see in someone special, you can create your own meanings for each piece! These rings are stackable so you can buy one-two-three- or more 🙂 You can make different combos too!

Yellow Citrine: This represents HAPPINESS, FUN, JOY. It’s for that woman who loves to enjoy life!

Yellow Topaz: This represents PEACE and TRANQUILITY. It’s for the woman who is calm, composed and serene.

Peridot: This represents CLARITY in the middle of all the clutter and chaos of daily life.

Blue Topaz: This represents GOOD COMMUNICATION. This is a perfect reminder for people in relationships, to have the grace to listen to others and to speak lovingly.

Garnet: This represents COURAGE. For the woman who is brave enough to conquer struggles, to face battles head on, who fights for what is right and honorable.

Emerald: This represents PATIENCE and HONESTY. Two beautiful qualities that each woman should strive to possess. I think I need more Emeralds in my life! Hahaha!

Aquamarine: This represents SAFE TRAVELS. This is ideal for jet-setters, wanderlusters, and world-travelers who love going on adventures.

Pink Tourmaline: Awww, this is the LOVE stone! It even represents healing a broken heart 🙂

Amethyst: This represents BALANCE. For women who feel overwhelmed with work, family, and life in general—this encourages us to just focus on the things that matter. 
Single Stone Ring Php1450
Double Stone Ring Php1750
Stackable Set 1 (3 single stone rings) Php 4200
Stackable Set 2 (2 single & 1 double)  Php 4400
Stackable Set 3 (1 single & 2 double)  Php 4700

10% of each sale will go directly to CENEP Foundation


When you input your phone number please 
add the 3 digit area code and your number.
Landline Example: 
Please input: 6327778888
Cellphone Example:
Please input: 9172225555
If you cannot access the link above, pls email your 
order, full name, phone number and address to 🙂

What sizes are available?

Each ring is adjustable to cater to different standard ring sizes however it would be best for you to mention your ring size upon ordering. The rings are thin enough to be stackable, so you can pile them on or wear one solo. 

What are these rings made of?

We use up-cycled brass metal plated in yellow-gold and natural, faceted colored stones. Just like any accessory in the market, it will eventually fade especially once exposed to harsh chemicals. But with proper care and maintenance, the shine and luster may be prolonged. You may use a metal polisher to clean the rings. Elena also provides 1 free yellow gold replating as an added bonus. 

How long does it take to process my order?

We hope you can give us at least 7-10 working days to process and ship your order. These rings are handmade with love and to keep them special, local artisans really craft each one carefully and meticulously. I’d like to thank you for your patience in advance! 

Will you ship the orders to me?

Yes, we can ship to your home in MM or other areas in the Philippines. A standard 100 peso shipping fee will be charged. Additional shipping fees and other costs may apply for International orders. 

Is there an order cut-off?

You may order your rings between October 1 to November 30. To make way for the holiday surge, we will have to cut off by the end of November. We will resume taking your orders by January 10. 

How do I pay for my orders?

Once you have processed your order, you will receive instructions on how to go about the payment via BANK DEPOSIT. Sorry, we cannot accept Paypal/Credit Card transactions for now.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more questions, please email 🙂 Elena is the sweetest, she will definitely assist you with your queries and orders.  OH and NO taray customers allowed! Hahahahaha! We will do our very best to serve you well and so I request only kindness and consideration from our customers 🙂 🙂 

HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! Thank you again for supporting our PRETTY LITTLE RINGS collection! Once you get your rings, could you pls tag me when you post a photo on IG/Twitter! Just add the hashtag #prettylittlerings. I can’t wait to see you wear them!

Special thanks to BEA MARQUEZ for helping me with the photos!:)

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  1. Hi Patty, from the pictures above, there’s no peridot on teardrop shape. Can I order for one? Will they make such if I specify it in the order form? Thanks!