Getting rid of my CYST-er at Asian Eye Institute

So just a week before my trip to South Africa, I noticed a bump forming in my under eye area. At first, I dismissed it as just an insect bite and didn’t pay any attention to it. But then 4 days passed and it was still there, growing slightly more visible and more tender to the touch. There was a small pebble-like growth forming and I had a feeling it was not just a random “bite”.

I immediately thought of Cat and Nicole’s eye treatments in Asian Eye Institute, they raved constantly about the success of their laser treatments for their vision and so I had to ask them to connect me to the best eye doctors in the country. Luckily, I was able to schedule a quick check up the following Tuesday in Asian Eye Rockwell. It was revealed during the doctor’s examination that I did develop a little cyst in my under eye area that needed to be extracted.

A lot of things can cause cysts to form in your eye area, a quick google search will tell you this: “The transfer of dirt, debris, and bacteria into or around your eyes can lead to the formation of these unsightly lumps or cysts.” I still don’t know the exact culprit–it could be anything really, from a dirty makeup brush in one of my many shoots, dust and germs from my surroundings, or small debris that entered my eye while being out and about.

If I had gone sooner perhaps it wouldn’t have been so inflamed yet that it could’ve been treated with medication. But the size and condition of the cyst was already a cause for worry and so the doctor’s advise was to do an incision to drain it out completely.

The word incision left me petrified. And the vain Patty in me was more worried about the aftermath than the actual surgery—would this leave a scar? Would it leave me black and blue? Will my right eye look bigger than the left? How will my photos look now?!?!?! GAAAH!!!! But I had to do it immediately before it would get worse so I scheduled the minor procedure for the following day—which happened to be Patrick’s birthday too! I apologized 20 times for ruining his birthday but he too felt the urgency of having it done.


On May 3 just around lunch time, I had a minor procedure done to my right eye to take out the cyst. The calm and composed Dr. Amadeo Veloso had the gentlest of hands, so light and graceful, I could barely feel anything! Mind you, I was fully awake during the whole procedure which took a brief 15 minutes. The only thing that hurt for a millisecond was the injection for anesthesia—as soon as the anesthesia took effect, Dr. Veloso started the procedure and I felt zero pain the whole time.  I was so impressed by how fast it took and how comfortable I was the whole time. I think getting parking in Rockwell may have actually taken longer (and was more painful! hahaha).

Dr. Veloso also walked me through the whole process, explaining carefully and calmly what he was going to do so I understood it well. He explained that the incision would be from the inside of the eyelid so as not to leave an unsightly scar on the outside. PHEW! Music to my ears! The nurses too were very warm and accommodating, they definitely put me at ease 🙂

After the procedure, I was able to head home right away. They covered my eyes with a soft bandage and told me to keep it there for 4 hours. I was prescribed a full week’s worth of antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory drops. I was also told I could take some pain killers after the anesthesia wears out—but you know what, I didn’t even have to take a single tablet! My healing was absolutely pain free! It was like my eyes were back to normal in an instant. Of course, it’s really a case-to-case situation. Each person’s condition is unique and so the downtime for each patient can also differ. But I’m happy to report that I personally experienced no pain and discomfort after the procedure. The only downside was having some small swelling and a bit of bruising which quickly went away after a few days. I just steered clear of any makeup to be sure and I was wearing some hipster glasses (without grade!) to keep me looking decent for 3-4 days! Hahaha! It felt great to finally get rid of that CYST-er!!! I went in for another check up a week after and everything looked a-okay! It was a successful procedure and I could finally breathe again.

I have nothing but thanks to extend to ASIAN EYE INSTITUTE!!! To Dr. Veloso, the nurses and staff, Audrey and Cha, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You just have no idea how much you have blessed me 🙂 🙂 And to everyone who prayed and offered some words of encouragement, thanks also! If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain in the eye area, don’t delay, have it checked immediately. Please visit now for more information.

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