Gifts They’ll Love at National Book Store

Raise your hand if you’re a National Book Store fangirl!!! I see a lot of hands raised!!! There’s just something about the aisles of National Book Store that I find so comforting. I recall spending most of my “alone time” in NBS as a college student. I would retreat to the greeting card section after a really rough day like after a tragic performance at my Philosophy oral exam OR a horrific Math test. I’d peer through dozens of cheesy Hallmark cards and everything would be right again in the world—well at least for an hour or two. Even just testing ballpens and highlighters made me so happy!! Kababawan lang!

Now that I’m a mom, I have discovered a new found love for NBS. I now enjoy shopping for children’s books, art supplies, and other random knick knacks that would make Theo smile. I think the beauty of National Book Store is that it journeys with you through different life seasons. And that’s precisely why National Book Store is the perfect destination for gifts—because it appeals to all types of people, from different ages and stages 🙂

Along with other social media influencers, I was invited to do my Christmas shopping at the newly remodeled National Book Store in SM North Edsa last week. We were each given a budget and just 10-20 minutes, a challenge I was more than happy to accept. I actually know my way around National Book Store, having been a loyal customer for decades, so it was actually pretty easy for me to strategize for this. Ang yabang ko lang!!! I was cruising those aisles with a confident smirk like a true NBS home girl (I was just missing my boom box)! Hahahahahaha! Next week, I’ll be sharing a video with all of you featuring all my purchases, so stay tuned for that!

And can I just say how much I love the new look of National Book Store! It’s so well-lit, organized, and spacious—it makes your shopping experience much more enjoyable now that you can see everything neatly stacked and properly displayed. I hear French interior designer Malherbe is responsible for their fresh and chic new look. The store now looks more Instagram-worthy with the great lighting.

And guess what—Another bonus for NBS fans! National Book Store will soon be launching its new “Gift Generator” APP that will help you tick more off your Christmas gift list. By simply answering a few questions, they can help narrow down your choices and provide great suggestions. And for added convenience, you can now have your purchases delivered straight to your home or office. National Book Store now has its own delivery service via their hotline 8888-627. Find out all about National Book Store’s Christmas offers at

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Because National Book Store has been so generous to me and Theo, I would also like to spread some HAPPY VIBES to my READERS!!! Thank you NBS for helping me share the holiday love to my friends here on the blog 🙂

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  5. I will be selecting THREE WINNERS who will each be receiving a SPECIAL GIFT PACKAGE with well-curated premium products from National Book Store! The winners will be notified directly via DM by the end of the month.

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