Gino’s: Pizza and Beyond

So I’ve been torturing myself for far too long, drooling over Instagram photos of friends who have been taking a ton of Burrata photos. Burrata here, Burrata there…Burrata everywhere!!! So one day, I decided “Enough is Enough! I need to put some Burrata in mahhhh belly!” So I summoned my peeps to set a lunch date at GINO’S OVEN BRICK PIZZA in Salcedo Village Makati, home of the very much buzzed about BURRATA. Gino’s is more popularly known for their pizzas and pasta dishes, but now they’ve become famous for their Burrata and other cheese offerings too.

The owner of Gino’s (a batchmate of mine, too!) Jutes, advised us to come in at around 11 and it was definitely the smartest strategy because as soon as the clock hit 12, the place was jam-packed. By 1230, about a dozen people were lined up outside—patiently waiting for a table. It’s clear that this little resto has become the darling of Salcedo. With reasonable price points, well-plated and thoughtfully crafted dishes, and YES, MASARAP lang talaga yung pagkain—it comes as no shocker why this place has become such a hit.

What I love about discovering new restos along with friends is that you could order family style and have a taste of every little thing all at once. This way, you’re able to sort of graze through the menu more efficiently and get to exchange comments as you eat. It makes the dining experience much more interactive as opposed to just eating for the sake of nourishment, hehehe. “Uyyy, this one’s good!” “You better try this with the chili oil!” “Oh, this one’s a surprise!”. 

We had such a wonderful time at Gino’s and we’ll back again and again and again for sure! 🙂 🙂


And our Burrata journey begins with this beauty, Burrata with Fig. It’s a winning combination. P1270891P1270919

Strawberries and Burrata with Basil, Balsamic and EVOO: My favorite!!!!! This you MUST order, PLEASE. If you love yourself, if you care about your happiness, order this!!! HAHAHAHA!P1270911 P1270920Burrata Caprese is a more classic Italian piece. It goes perfectly with the plump cherry tomatoes.

Lemon Mushroom Pasta: Of all the pasta dishes we ordered, this was the one that stood out for me. The tangy lemon blended beautifully with the cream sauce.
P1270934 P1270937

Salted Egg Pasta: Tastes like a Filipinized carbonara, creamy but with a kick of salted egg. P1270942P1270922

Bianca Verde Pizza: This one’s a veggie/cheese lover’s dream. Drizzle with Gino’s Spicy Honey for a surprise kick. If you’re not much of a garlic person, maybe you could request to have the garlic taken out as this is one of the most dominant flavors in this pizza.

P1270958 P1270962

Stuffed Chicken Pasta: This one wins as the most filling dish. Chicken Breast filled with ground pork and Aglio Olio pasta. This is enough to keep you stuffed throughout the day. P1270943

Prosciutto Pizza: This is a safe and sure bet for those who just want a satisfying brick oven pizza. You can never go wrong with prosciutto! P1270973

SMEG Pizza: For the more adventurous tummies, this one is a mix of sausages, mushrooms, egg, gouda and cream. It’s one of their best-sellers and worth trying!P1270980 And finally, for dessert we tried their Crack Pie and Chocolate Chicharon. The Choco Chicharon actually grows on you—a weird combo at first but then suddenly, you realize that it could actually work! They use really delicious dark chocolate which was a big plus for me!

P1270994 P1280004 ginoThanks again Jutes and the amazing team at GINO’s for hosting us! Our happy bellies are truly grateful. 🙂 🙂

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  1. Gino’s is a happy tummy for me! The Burrata with Fig is a winner! The pastas and pizzas and the house tea. Everything actually. Sobrang sarap:)

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