Go Love Life

Last August 16, I hosted a fun beauty day for the 40 lucky ladies who won the Sangobion Go Love Life online challenge. Sangobion with the help of Shu Uemura and Blo Blow Dry Bar treated the winners to an afternoon of beauty and pampering. Aside from the beautifying, we also learned more about the wonders of IRON for our bodies (especially for us women!)—I actually had quite a wake up call for myself. I used to take iron supplements as a teenager and somehow neglected it as an adult. I think I have to start adding it to my daily regimen again. I’ve been feeling lethargic, dizzy and light headed lately (maybe due to stress and an iron deficiency) and so adding an iron supplement might help me deal with these issues. 

According to Sangobion, “Unlike other iron supplements, Sangobion has Ferrous Gluconate, an organic iron, which is absorbed better by the body to help fight the signs of iron deficiency such as paleness, fatigue, dizziness, and lack of focus and concentration. Each capsule is chocolate-scented that leaves no iron after-taste. Sangobion also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Copper, and Manganese to build healthy red blood cells and immune system. It also contains sorbitol which acts as an anti-constipation agent that generally occurs in iron supplementation.” 
Thanks again Sangobion for inviting me to host this party and congrats to all the 40 winners!!! I love brands that celebrate Filipinas! For more info, you can visit www.facebook.com/SangobionGoLoveLife 🙂

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