My Happy Green Friends

So for today, I’d like to share my latest online discovery: www.goluntian.comThe super trifecta behind Go Luntian are not only green-minded (the wholesome kind!), they’re all gorgeous too! Just looking at Adeline, Chal, and Dj’s profiles is enough to convince you to make some eco-friendly moves in your own homes too. If switching to healthy, all natural and organic products means I could look like them…SIGE NA NGA!!!! ORDER NA NGA! TAKE MY MONEY! Hahaha! I kid, I kid. Okay, maybe half meant. 🙂

I really enjoyed shopping on their site and reading each product description. You could tell that a lot of careful research and curation went behind the development of this site. As a consumer and a working mom, I really appreciate the efforts of this team. 🙂

As Managing Partner Chal Del Rosario shared: “We are a start up company that just recently soft-launched last November. We are currently a platform that hosts and promotes natural, plant-based, and proudly Philippine made products. We really carefully go through ingredients and details of a product, as well as try them ourselves, before carrying them. If you go through our site, you will see that ingredients are diligently listed. It is important for us to have our buyers and patrons know where the products are from and what was used to make them. 
Currently, we are also working directly with the farmers of Pulilan, Bulacan to help improve their naturally grown rice and market it as well after. We will be doing more of this soon- Working directly with farmers, communities, and local artisans, to give them a platform to market their products. My partners found it hard to source out plant based products that are truly natural and organic so they decided to put this site up. I was attracted to the fact that we could work hand in hand directly with SMEs, farmers, and artisans, to grow awareness on the quality of local products. “


SIDE NOTE: Okay, so this photo has a bit of a backstory. I was having a little picnic with my baby in the garden when I realized, hey, I could use this banig for a photo of all the Go Luntian loot I scored. So this was the best I could do, scrambling to get all the products in a decent line with a very kiti-kiti 8 month old tugging my t-shirt. I tried, guys, I tried. Hahaha! So if you see some bottles in mid-dangle or slightly tilted, please adjust your vision for me! This mama was clearly struggling. HAHAHA! 🙂 🙂

So friends, here’s the HAPPY GREEN DOZEN I selected from Go Luntian! 🙂 🙂 And if you scroll down further, you’re in for a little treat!!!


Our helper eyes lit when she spotted the Messy Bessy Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaner. Our little house has windows from all angles and this product definitely lived up to its title. Oh what a difference a few spritzes of this glass cleaner made on our windows! You can use this on your bathroom stalls and mirrors as well!


Gentle for even the most delicate skin and smells good too! The girls share that the soap is inherently thin or watery as this is a natural property of coconut oil. Librerica Coffee beans from the Philippines were used for the COFFEE variant (ok to use in the morning to perk you up!) and the LEMONGRASS variant uses Lemongrass essential oil from Negros.


Admittedly, this gets a bit of getting used to as it feels different in your mouth as compared to your standard mouthwash. But the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt will make you reconsider. Just gargle about 5-10ml for 30 seconds to a minute to keep your mouth clean and healthy.


This makes for such a cute gift! This pack of mini jam samplers are made solely of fruits and simple natural ingredients. It only uses low glycemic natural sweetener such as coco nectar so is friendly even for the diabetics in your family.
Not your run-off-the mill dried mango, this is dehydrated in it’s purest form. Free from additional preservatives, chemicals, sugar or artificial sweeteners. SUPER ADDICTIVE!!! My only regret–i only ordered ONE! I need to order MORE!!!


This has now landed a spot in my kikay kit. As most of you know, I’ve been a silent eczema sufferer for many years now so this cream is a miracle worker for my hands!  This is made of all natural stuff and is gentle enough even for kids.


According to the Go Luntian Team this lotion is very high in moisture. It is made with high amounts of honey. Lemon Oil is used in aromatherapy to induce the feeling of cleansing and refreshment. It is also known for its antiseptic properties, keeping the skin protected from germs and bacteria while giving you radiant looking skin.
This hypoallergenic wash can be used on both babies and adults alike. Super safe and mild, free from toxic chemicals! It has chamomile and lavender that help make your baby’s bath time relaxing and soothing.
Safe to spray especially in your kids/baby’s room! This all natural spray will help fight those nasty mosquitoes we all despise!
I love love love this brand!!! Their bottle cleanser is a fave and so this multi purpose cleaner is another must have for me. This  plant based cleansing agent helps remove dirt, grease and grime. It contains tea tree essential oil that kills germs and deters insects.
A healthier variant of ketchup! Now you can enjoy your burgers and fries with less guilt.


I’m giving away ALL these items (and maybe a few surprises too) from GO LUNTIAN! Yes, I want to share the LOVE and have one lucky reader experience all my favorites too 🙂

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  2. Repost the image above on your IG feed and tell us why you would like to GO GREEN. Be sure to tag @pattylaurel and @goluntian on your post! 🙂 Please make sure your IG is on public mode so we can view your entry.
  3. The winner will be selected on April 1 and announced on the Go Luntian Instagram page. The Go Luntian team will then arrange for delivery of all the prizes to the winner’s home!


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