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So this has been the most exciting and joyful season of our life yet on the same note, admittedly, it has been the most costly one yet!! The bills keep piling and there seems to be a tsunami of things to pay for coming any minute now. EEEPPP. I recall being on the same boat emotionally and financially about 3 years ago when we were planning our wedding and working on our condo at the same time. We were soooooooo in love (still are!), so ATAT to get hitched, ang saya-saya-saya-saya lang talaga namin. But we also took it upon ourselves to take care of all the expenses so we were working like dogs, going overtime, accepting any project we could possibly get just to make sure we would be able to pay for every little thing on our own. We got creative and resourceful—stretching each centavo to it’s maximum capacity and our inherited kuripotness (thanks to our respective dads) blossomed overnight, hahaha. We stayed true to our pegged budget for both the condo and our wedding, even if it meant letting go of some luxuries here and there. We promised each other that we would start our marriage properly, free from debt and any other misconceptions. In this season of making ends meet, literally, we learned to appreciate the kindness and generosity of friends and family who somehow filled the gaps for us. We didn’t have much in terms of money—-but because of the kindness shown to us during that time of transition, we felt so rich in love! God’s faithfulness was so evident, so tangible, so REAL.

Today, I had a little panic attack which lasted 5 minutes and I had to ask God to help me snap out of it immediately. As my husband always reminds me, worrying doesn’t help one bit—you just have to trust that the Lord put you in that situation for a reason, find a solution and work at it to the best of your ability. Oh, my very sensible and rational husband is really the yin to my crazy yang.

In the past 2 months,  Patrick and I have already spent quite a lot on our home renovations, buying new furniture, purchasing things for the baby, setting aside for our son’s education fund and insurance (1 year down and 9 to go! waaahhh ang tagal!), hospital budget for my delivery, acquiring a new helper, etc—these are just THE MAJOR ones on our list of expenses. When you add up all the tiny things like light bulbs, trash cans, hangers, plates, forks and spoons, curtains, doctor’s consultation fees, ultrasounds, new bed sheets, etc etc etc then you can imagine how this has become a monster of expenses all rolled up in one bundle. I am very lucky and happy to be able to work and also contribute in my own way, but I know that the burden really lies on my husband who is the main breadwinner of our home. I am just so thankful that Patrick never shows any resentment, always willing to provide for us out of love and not just because it’s an obligation.

In my 5 minutes of panic over the expenses, I felt God’s grip so firmly on me that I had no choice but to shake off all the doubts and worries that were clouding my thoughts. I stood up, hugged my husband, and realized that YES, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. When I hugged Pat, I just felt at peace, knowing that God will be faithful yet again and will show up when we need HIM, because he ALWAYS does. I paused, cleared my head and just thought to myself.. “HEY, YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE so quit complaining!!!!” You are with a guy who you adore and who adores you back, a man you can be proud of, your family members are all healthy and well, you are finally moving into a beautiful home and you’re going to have a baby!!! How could I even entertain any thoughts of despair, doubt or disappointment, I was so ashamed for allowing myself to worry. All of these quote unquote “problems” are actually just bi-products of the blessings I’ve been receiving. It’s proof that these things given by God are real and are in my life to embrace. The fact that we have to save for my hospital delivery means I am blessed enough to bear a child!!! The fact that I have to worry about curtains in our house, means I have a home with windows to enjoy! The fact that I am exhausted, tired, and stressed because of work means I am blessed to be able to live a life of productivity, to earn my own money and contribute to society. It’s not easy when you’re right smack in the center of the tsunami of problems, but if you just take a step back to see how each issue points to another in a positive way—you’ll have a better understanding of how God has orchestrated all this.

I’ve posted this song on the blog a long time ago, but I just wanted to share this with you again. Maybe you’re having an awesome week or maybe you’re having a weary thing’s for sure though GOD IS GOOD TO YOU, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME 🙂 Hope this songs brings encouragement to you today!

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  1. You are so positive Ms. Patty. I admire you alot. This post is just what i needed to read to free all my worries at this moment. Thanks for always sharing. Praying for your safe delivery.

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement . truly God orchestrated all these things to happen, because he has a purpose. And one day it will be revealed to you and me that our GoD is faithful, and so good to us 🙂 fighting patty! if God is for us, nothing can be against us. god bless you more

  3. “All of these quote unquote “problems” are actually just bi-products of the blessings I’ve been receiving.”

    Well said, Patty! Sometimes a step back is needed for us to fully appreciate the masterpiece that He has beautifully plotted for us. Cheers and excited for you 🙂

  4. Thanks for this Patty! Sometime we get so caught up with all the earthly things in this world but a perspective in life such as yours is so inspiring! God bless you more!

  5. You are blessed in many ways, Patty! Been a follower since college days (lol tagal na diba? That was almost a decade ago!). I love the way you show positivity to your readers, and true, adult life is so exasperating! Wish I could go back in grade school wherein problema mo lang is yung 64 crayons mo di na kumpleto kasi di na binalik ng mga classmates mo ang iba. HAHAHA. Congratulations and hoping for a safe delivery! 🙂

  6. Hi Patty!

    This post is so timely for me! We just had our first baby almost 2 months ago and purchased a house this month. The baby blues and the pressure on moving to the new house keeps piling up and sometimes you just want to breakdown. The major purchases are making our bank accounts empty, but your post enlightened me and inspired me to look at the brighter side of all this overwhelming things that’s happening. Thank God for my husband, my daughter and the lovely home where we will make memories. I’m so happy sharing this moments with you, please continue to inspire us! God bless you on your delivery.. 🙂

  7. Hi Patty, first of all a big hug of CONGRATULATIONS to your coming baby. It is indeed the most exciting time. Can I just say this entry made me cry like buckets realizing na hindi pala ako nagiisa sa mundo with this kind of ordeal. Same as you, I was about to give birth to my son when we were building our home. We were renting a condo temporarily pero grabe sabay sabay silang lahat! Condo rental, mortgage, hospital bills and yes, even the little ones which I thought was minor (like the faucets, door knobs switches etc.), if you have add them all up is a HUGE SUM of expenses. Looking back I swear I can not figure out how me and my husband got through.. BUT WE DID and YOU WILL TOO!! Now my son is 3 and just started to go to school and our new home is no doubt the best place on earth. And once you see your child blossom and grow in grace, all you will think about is EVERYTHING WAS WORTH IT! It really is Patty, let the Lord pave the way for you and yes, thank God for our great husbands too. 🙂

  8. Thank you for this post! It’s a very timely reminder and I’m glad the universe somehow led me to this. 🙂

  9. Thanks Patty! This is a good reminder of God’s faithfulness in our lives. And yes, everything will be alright! God bless! 🙂

  10. Thank you for this post, Patty. I needed this today – it’s been a weary month and I’ve been very stressed out about so many things that I had no control over (I’ve been sucker punched with so many unexpected things, I feel so sad and despairing). Your post has helped shift my perspective and I hope to trust even more His will.

    Best wishes to you and your little family, praying for your safe delivery!

  11. Beautiful song 🙂 and all the best to you and your hubby’s next chapter of life! You guys will be awesome parents!

  12. Amazing insight! I am going through so much right now, and you dont know how much this has helped my perspective on things. Thank you, Mrs. Filart! God bless your good heart!:)

  13. This made my day, Ms. Patty! Tears are welling up as I read relating to each word you say. Im so thoughtless to think the personality and BIG you are don’t go through these dilemma. You are an inspiration! I totally agree with every conclusion you made! God never fails us. He provides everything we need.

  14. Thank you so much Ms. Patty you’re always one of those who lift me up. I’m very thankful God directed me here.

  15. Thank you so much for being honest in this one about your struggles. it so helped me in a BIG way. was so blessed today.
    I do hope that you will have a successful delivery and God will meet all of your needs. Congratulations in advance.

  16. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the song! I remember having the same panic attack last year. You see, my husband and I have reverse roles — I am the only breadwinner in the family while he takes care of the kids and our household. Then just before my 36th birthday, my bestfriend treated me to a trip to Georgia. When we were up in the mountains, I felt God talk to me. It was the first time I cried that much in years. I felt overwhelmed with His love and assurance that things will be ok. That I just need to trust Him and His plans for me and my family.

    A month & a half later, hubby and I were blessed with a trip to Europe for 3 weeks — our first trip ever since having kids. During that trip, we found out we were expecting baby # 3 (unplanned pregnancy). Our third child was born last April and came with so much provision from the Lord. I realized that since I started letting go of my worries and trusted God to take the reins of my life, more wonderful blessings came my way.

  17. Hi Patty! I felt your pain while reading your posts about motherhood. Regardless of everything, you have Theo and that little bundle of joy is more than enough to keep you going. I just want to ask about the education plan / insurance you talked about here. Can you share? I am a mom of a 5month old girl and we are starting to save up for her education by opening her own bank account. I want to check other options. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  18. Thanks for this Patty! Just what I needed in this crazy whirlwind of life. So blessed with your gift of writing and FAITH!

  19. How I miss this kind of post from you, Ms. Patty. Rereading your blogs especially about motherhood and faith as I enter motherhood as well. You are an inspiration. Keep on posting. 😄

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