Guess who joined THE “Who needs friends..when you’ve got apps!” CLUB

 I finally gave in. I am now a proud (and poor) owner of an IPAD. I had it engraved too, of course for gadget purists..this would be similar to getting your butt tattooed on a drunken night. But I have no regrets, it’s beautiful and it’s MINE. In fact, I feel it’s so appropriate! If my IPAD could speak, it would tell me these exact same words..only in a slightly more seductive way of course, “Come Waste Your Time With Me”. And as my friend Danielle said, “Syempre, OBEY ka naman!” Hahaha! How can you not be seduced by this tease of a gadget?! Please don’t give me that Plants Vs Zombies is a hobby, a stress buster, and NOT a waste of are in denial, my friend! Because darnit, you and I both know that it is indeed a WASTE OF TIME! Along with fruit ninja, angry birds and all the bajillion apps out there! Hahaha! 🙂
Don’t you just hate that we, “the regular folk, the peasantry, the commoners”, have to give up decent movie dates and starve ourselves for weeks (and even months) just to get our hands on these beautiful time-wasters! Of course, an ipad would be considered peanuts compared to the other gadgets out there..but it’s still a lot of moolahhhh for me! It took me a whole month to decide, plot out my finances, and even PRAY over this decision! Now that I’m broke again..It’s time for the classic college tipid meal.. 2 pieces of siomai and lots and lots and lots of rice!!! 🙂 Ok lang, wala akong pera..pero ang yaman ko naman sa apps!!! Wala akong kakainin bukas pero, busog na busog naman ako sa games! Mwahahaha 🙂
Every December, I help my clueless dad shop for a decent Christmas gift for my mom. If i left him to do it on his own, my mom would probably get a shoe organizer from the 88 peso store or a car freshener sulit pack! Hahaha 🙂 So last Christmas, I told him that it was time to splurge. They’ve been married for almost 3 was time to bring out the big guns. So i explained to him what an IPAD was (this of course was quite a feat for dad only knows Wordstar!) and how this would be so perfect for my mom! I finally rallied him to get it and we were both so excited. My dad exclaimed “Ok! I’m convinced! I think your mom will love this I-PUHHD! Buy it and I’ll reimburse!”. When I told him how much the unit cost he went berserk “Ano?!?!! Grabe naman yan! Akala ko mga 3,000 lang! Wag na! Blouse nalang ulit..yung mga 1k nalang!” To make a long story short, my dad finally let go of the capital K in him (extreme kuripotness) and agreed to get my mom an Ipad. My mom was beyond thrilled and touched by my dad’s hidden “galante”. After just a few days of Ipad-ing, my dad was sporting a band aid on his index injury caused by all the fruit slashing in Fruit Ninja! I’m sure our neighbors probably think my parents fight every night with all the shouting over Plants Vs Zombies! The two oldies are the biggest ipad addicts I know, and trust me, I know a lot! 
There was even this one time when my dad couldn’t beat my mom’s top score, he was seriously angry at Apple as a company! “This APPLE company is so manipulative!They are a bunch of cheaters!!! They put something in this program to mess with me!!!! Ang daya-daya! Hindi nila na-dedetect yung mga swipe ko! I think this is a defective model, palitan mo na!!!” I tried not to laugh at the absurdity of his statement and said “Dad, the model is not defective…it’s just called losing the game!”. Hahaha!My father’s a top laywer, so I’m seriously worried he might sue Apple one of these days over the whole non-swipe detecting! Nyek!
Even my students are IPAD freaks! I’ve shared this story before..but anyway, one time during our free play last school year, they were chasing each other around with arms stretched forward “WOohhh WOoohh..I’m a zombie! I’m gonna eat your braaaaaainnnn!!!!”. Of course the teacher in me told them to stop “Children, I’m sorry but zombies are not allowed in school. I think we should think of another game.” The group gathered in a huddle and the team leader said “Ok guys, lets not act like Zombies anymore!” and just as I was about to give myself a “Well done, You!” the boys started running around with their arms stretched forward again “Wooooohhh WOOOhhh…I’m an AIRCON! I’m gonna eat your braaaaaaaiiiinnnnn!!!” Hay, kids. 
I already have a feeling this IPAD will corrupt me soon. So this early on, I am already apologizing if my future posts will only consist of the words “Angry, Plants, Birds, Ninja, Facetime and Zombies”. Goodbye sanity, Hello IPAD.

10 Responses to Guess who joined THE “Who needs friends..when you’ve got apps!” CLUB

  1. If you need a list of apps per category–name it you got it! I’m a guilty member of this club too!

  2. Yey! You’ll finally get to use your camera connection kit! Congratulations on your new toy! Get ready to spend (waste?) hours on it 😉

  3. I ask my husband to buy me one for my birthday… instead he bought an i-touch, he said “parehas lang yan, pinaliit lang” hahaha!!!! pero yes, try Tiny Wings it’s so addictive!!!