Hanep ka, Hanoi!

This is a looooooong overdue post from my Hanoi trip last April. Originally, Patrick and I planned this vacay together but he had to bail out on me just a few days before because he had to fly to Las Vegas for work—thankfully, I was able to kidnap force twist the arm convince Lea to become my travel buddy sub for this trip! Lea is one of Patrick’s bestest-bestest friends (in fact, HE was her Maid  Man of Honor at her wedding!). She practically grew up with Patrick and pestered him all throughout high school to put deodorant on, hehehe. (These days, it’s now my job!) Aside from being one of Patrick’s bffs, Lea to me is the ideal travel buddy! Even if she’s a seasoned traveler, she still marvels at new places and discoveries which is something I really admire. We had so much fun experiencing Vietnam together—the sights, the food, the people. And I was so blessed by our deep conversations about married life, career changes, and even our faith. It was the kind of girly break that I really needed and I felt so refreshed and recharged right after. Thanks again so much Lea!!!

I highly recommend a 5 day trip to Hanoi, especially during Feb-April when it’s cool (just like Baguio weather!) and breezy! Hotels and tours are surprisingly affordable, we got a nice room in the heart of Hanoi for Php1500 a night with breakfast! And the food, wooooow. In Asia, my foodie heavens would be Japan, Thailand and now Vietnam has made it to the top as well. KA.GU.LO. sa sarap!!! Your $100 will have you stuffed for more than 3 meals a day for an entire week, I’m not even kidding you!  

It’s getting late and I need to hit the sack, so I will just bombard you with pictures from our Hanoi and Halong Bay adventure. 🙂

9 Responses to Hanep ka, Hanoi!

  1. Hi Patty!!

    My friends and I are going to Hanoi this October. Can you recommend good restaurants to try out as well as places to visit? 🙂

  2. Planning to go to Vietnam in November!So excited..And wow you are also reading The Happiness Project!That book has a lot of positive ideas on how to have better, happier days!