Happiness for FRIENDS: Baby, House, Business

Today I would like to celebrate the milestones of my 3 friends. Often times I find it hard to have concrete dreams for myself. It’s not that I don’t have any life goals, I’m just very open to change and through my life experiences I have learned that it’s better to surrender everything completely to the Lord. To make HIS dreams MY dreams too. But I’ve always had dreams for OTHERS. How weird noh? Why would I want to dream for others?! Hahaha! Call me a weirdo, but that’s how I am. But I always keep them to myself and just lift it up in prayer privately–so when those dreams become realities, laking tuwa talaga para sa kin! Not that I think malakas ako kay Lord (well, I feel that too on most days!) but it’s just so nice to feel that God listens to my prayers and answers it in HIS sweet and perfect time. More often than not, I pray for something that’s a level 2 and he grants it in a level 10. 
If you read my blog, I’m pretty sure you know that Audrey (our 2 year old pamangkin) is my smallest bff! I could spend the whole afternoon with her without getting bored. Jonsy and Cecil have raised her to be such an easy going little girl. One thing I would always notice about Audrey was that she always loved to share. After teaching preschool for many years, the one thing I would have so much difficulty in explaining to toddlers was the concept of sharing. Naturally we are built to think about ourselves: to always keep things for ME, to take care of ME, to make MYSELF happy. It’s only later in life that we realize the importance of living for others. So when I discovered this about Audrey (who was barely 1 year old at that time), I just knew that God designed her to be a sister. So that was my prayer for Cecil and Jonsy…and God gave them this precious little baby Natalie last month! Thank you Lord for making her perfect with ten toes, ten fingers, and the most beautiful eyes (just like Mommy’s!).
Photo by Samantha Godinez


I got teary eyed when I read Stella’s post . This was definitely a proud moment for me as her “oldest” friend. When Stella and I were both 6 years old (and I was still living in a preschool–I’ll explain later, but yes, I lived in an actual school for many years), our ultimate pasttime was bahay bahayan. We would get multiple bumps on our heads because we would “chill” the whole day under the table, while munching on sky flakes and Tang orange juice.  We would spend hours putting chairs together and tying up blankets on each end to create a makeshift “roof”. And today, here you are building an actual ROOF— no longer made of blankets! Looking at this photo meant so much to me (in my true Atenean “Kailangan lahat bigyan ng kahulugan” fashion). The shallow Patty was just so excited to help Stella decorate, alam niyo naman na ako ay isang frustrated interior designer! I had so many pegs racing in my brain. But the deeper Patty (yessss, I have a DEEP side too!!!) was so happy to see that my dream for Stella and Julz did come true. Seeing their expanding family, I really prayed for them to be able to move into an actual house someday. But God did more than that, HE did not only give them just any house—he gave them the provisions to actually BUILD one from scratch. To make it THEIR DREAM HOUSE! I am convinced that this home will be a place of happiness and love 🙂
Photo by Stella Esquivias

A few years back, Alessa and I spent the summer together in NYC. Since NYC is practically her second home, she was my tour guide–bringing me from one cool restaurant to another. And in one of our “food trips” she told me about her secret dream. And since then, it has been my dream for her too. She dreamt of having a simple vegan restaurant back in 2009—and tadahhhh!!! She now has two! Pipino is now open in Jupiter street, Makati! It’s amazing how God has been so faithful to her and PJ 🙂

Photo from Pipino FB Page

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  1. That’s so sweet and thoughtful of you ms. Patty. I’m sure their dream for you is about to doje true in the days to come. Best wishes to you and mr. Patty (?) err, mr. Patrick rather. God bless you!c;