Happy 2013, folks!

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Dear Blog Readers,

THANK YOU for blog hopping to my site every single day of 2012. I’ve been living my life parallel to yours, experiencing each day right next to you, feeling KILIG/FAT/GRUMPY/HAPPY/PMS-y/AMAZED/CURIOUS/PUZZLED/EXCITED/IN  LOVE IN THAT ANNOYING KIND OF WAY/STRESSED/DEPRESSED/GRATEFUL/WHATDAHECK/ANOBANAMANYAN/SHOUT TO THE WORLD KIND OF GIDDY with each and every one of you!!! Thank you for feeling all these things with me and for me–that indeed is a mark of a true friend, and I consider you all my FRIENDS because of that. You are not just random visitors in my site, I can honestly feel a connection with you guys and that’s what keeps me motivated to write these entries (no matter how silly and shallow they are!) My brain is on holiday mode so it’s not functioning as properly as I would have hoped (when does it ever?!?! HAHA) so you’ll have to bear with this mish mash of words. How I wish I could tell you how much you are appreciated, my dear readers. This blog site is my ultimate happy place..and it’s all because of YOU! So THANK YOU for faithfully supporting me throughout 2012. I hope that as I embrace life changes this 2013, you will still be there for me every step of the way. I have a feeling this will be a year of GRACE, CLARITY, and PURPOSE for me AND YOU–and just like most of you, I feel that the Lord is calling me to do BIGGER things (which requires an extra teaspoon of maturity!!! KAYA KO BA?!?!) and so more than anything, I will need all your prayers and encouragement!

Again, thank you my dear readers. Sending you all my love!!! My wish for you comes from Numbers 6:25 “MAY THE LORD SHINE HIS FACE UPON YOU AND BE KIND TO YOU”

16 Responses to Happy 2013, folks!

  1. Patty, I read your blog almost everyday! Feeling ko nga, stalker na ko. Pero I get inspired by your blog post pati rin kay Alessa. Feeling ko long lost friends tayo haha. Please keep on writing!

    Happy New Year,

  2. Hi Patty!

    Happy New Year as well! Thank you for sharing your milestones with us. I love reading your blog because its very informative in a way na hindi boring. Sabi nga ng boyfriend ko everytime may post or tweet ka, close daw ba tayo? hahaha Looking forward for another year of adventures (travels, married life and soon, kids) hahaha



  3. hi Patty, i follow your blog everyday! well, almost araw- araw po since your old blog. i really do.. nka bookmark. i admire you a lot.. not just because every entry you had was pretty much interesting and well- written but because you have something on your good personality that inspired me. salamat po.. i’m looking forward to reading of your more stories. happy 2013 po my idol! cheryll ♥

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family Patty!! Your blog is my happy place and it helps me a lot in coping with homesickness because I miss Manila a lot:) Stay Happy! I will always be one of your pans. Hehe! God bless you! Hoping to meet you in person next year when I visit in Manila.

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family Patty!:) I have found my ” home” in your blog and I thank you for being such an inspiration. I will always read your blog!:) Wishing you all the best for 2013.Im a newly wed too and I can so relate to you in so many ways. God bless you!

  6. Hi patty thanks for this post feel na feel ko to kasi nga addict sa blog mo, always waisting my time on your blog but in fairness it’s not waisted time dami ko natutunan sa yo, basta proud ako to be one of your fan, you influenced me a lot in way. Thanks thanks too. For sure I’ll be here always reading/visiting your site. Keep it up Patty Laurel-Filart.

  7. Happy New Year Patty! 🙂 Thank you for maintaining this blog and sharing your thoughts and your life to us, your readers. Please continue to be an inspiration.

  8. Ms, Patty, I read ur blog every single day. naka-book mark n nga ung blog mo sa g-tab ko. Anyway, feeling ko lang sa post mo eh parang may good news, sana nakabuo kayo honeymoon baby. God bless! Happy New Year- josh rodil

  9. Hello, Ms. Patty! 🙂 I’m such a crybaby. This blog post of yours made me cry. Haha. Thank you for considering your blog readers as your “friend”. This made my year 2013 a lot happier. May our dear Lord continue to bless you and your hubby. Thanks as well for favorite-ing my tweets! 🙂 Happy New Year The Pats!!!

    —Lindsey R. Sante (@mizlindsey)

  10. happiest new year to you, idol patty! it’s a such a pleasure reading all of your blog entries. Thank you for sharing your life experiences to your readers. You are such an inspiration to all of us as you are filled with so much positivity. Wishing you and Patrick peace, joy, love and abundance this 2013!:)

    Btw, we share the same habit of eating salty food after binging on sweets hehehe!

  11. Thank you, Patty, for your posts! You make my stomach hurt with your jokes and antics. You inspire me how to better treat my loved ones and value my friends. You are such an example for me in your dedication to one of your passions – blogging. Keep it up. God bless you. 🙂

  12. Hi Patty!

    I get my daily dose of happiness from your blog posts! I’m 20 years old pero feeling ko mag ka age tayo relate na relate kasi minsan yung post mo e! hahaha!Thank You for being an inspiration!

    Happy New Year & God Bless You More!


  13. Happy new year! You’ve been an inspiration to a lot of people! Continue being a blessing to people through your blog 🙂 Have a blessed year!

  14. hi patty! happy 2013! thank you for your colorful and encouraging blog posts! may you have more this year. and i’m quite excited to read stuff here about your new season as a wife and homemaker. continue to be a blessing and inspiration. God bless you more! 🙂