Happy 26 Years, Belo Beauty!

True story: Cristalle Belo was actually a classmate of mine in Ateneo. We took a History class together and ever since then I’ve known her to be such a sweet and warm but killer smart girl. I remember thinking to myself back then (which was early 2000s pa!), this girl definitely took after her mother, Dr. Vicki, who already was THE hotshot derma to the stars! Fast forward to 2016, both Vicki and Cristalle (and their amazing team of doctors) have created an even bigger empire.

The heart of BELO is really all about BEAUTY. And making BEAUTY accessible to ALL Filipinos, men and women, who want to look and feel their most beautiful. Vanity aside, they’ve given the gift of confidence, self-worth, and security to thousands of clients. I remember feeling really bugged down when my skin developed acne problems (due to stress and lack of sleep and post baby hormonal imbalances)—this superficial problem dragged me down emotionally more than physically. And having been cured of this acne problem by the Belo Alabang team really boosted my morale! It really made a big difference 🙂 So I can only imagine how much of a dent they’ve made in the lives of many others.

And even if they’re most known for treating celebrities, as a non-celebrity and just a regular customer, I could honestly say that they treat ALL their patients with a great amount of care and concern. From what I’ve personally experienced and seen, you could be Marian Rivera or Marian Cruz, Iza Calzado or Iza Reyes –and you’ll get the same love from them. And that to me says a lot about their service. They’re always so patient with each patient (hahaha, redundant) and take great pains to make each feel valued. They even have a service that reminds you of your appointments via text and a new APP that you can easily download and access through your phone.

So thanks again and congratulations to BELO MEDICAL GROUP for the 26 years of amazing service! The long list of awards you have under your belt only shows how you guys are indeed the leader in the BEAUTY industry. Bravo Team Belo!!! Visit www.belomed.com for more details on their beauty services that could work for you 🙂

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