Happy Birthday Dad!

Today my father turns 58. And today I would like to honor him by sharing 5 Things About JJ!:)


Although it doesn’t show because he drives an honest Innova most of the time, my dad is THE biggest car aficionado I know. He can spot a car from a distance and tell you the year, model, and even current selling price within seconds. 

Most men at his age (and his stature) choose to splurge on expensive cars but my dad has chosen to just splurge on US instead. It’s always been a mystery to me why he would buy car magazines every week—checking out each car available in the market pero hanggang dun lang. Kinikilig na siya in knowing that a certain car out there exists and although it will never be his, just the idea makes him happy already.

I remember back in college, he bought a small entry level sedan and ordered it in hot, hot RED. When we asked him why he chose RED instead of the standard white, silver, or black—he goes “So it’ll feel like I’m driving a Ferrari!” hahaha!:) Not that my dad could ever buy a 25 million peso Ferrari, but I’m sure he could’ve easily bought a top level car with all his hard earned money and it would’ve been justifiable. But he chose something simple and jazzed it up with his imagination instead. 

We finally convinced my dad to upgrade his car last year and I couldn’t be happier. My dad is one of the most kuripot persons alive so it was good to see him get his “prize”. 

Patrick always mocks me for talking and joking exactly like my dad..and I can’t deny this. If my dad goes “I was waiting for 30 minutes” he would have his arms folded over his chest and his one foot tapping on the floor to show “waiting”. Or when he says “Where do you wanna eat?” he’ll motion with his hands with an imaginary spoon and fork digging through an imaginary meal.  Just like my dad, I like to be extra animated with my jokes and storytelling–it just makes the whole experience of delivery much more interactive and fun! If you’re going to be corny, might as well go all OUT!


When Daniela and I were kids, my mom enrolled us in a violin class. As expected for beginners, our necks turned red and sore after the first day. We learned how to play “Mama wants a hotdog” with our fiddles and we actually liked it. But we kept complaining about the pain in our necks and because my dad couldn’t bear seeing us hurt (even if it was completely bearable) he told us to quit. Of course my mom thought this was absurd at the time and looking back I’m sure my dad just laughs this one off as him being an overprotective and clueless father to two young girls. Sayang dapat Violin players na kami ng kapatid ko! Hahaha! But my dad has ALWAYS been like this, he would always go out of his way just to make things better for me and Daniela.

Before you get any ideas, let me correct you—we were never spoiled by our father. He was clear from the get go about hard work, the value of money, and living within (or sometimes even below) our means—he stripped that sense of entitlement from us even as young kids and explained how important it is to WORK to get what you need in life and not to expect things to be handed to us in a silver platter. 

My dad never treated us to a shopping spree, he never got us gadgets or flashy cars as teenagers—but at the same time we never ever felt we were lacking in anything. We always felt secure in his love and knew that NO MATTER what would happen we could come running to him for help and he would be more than happy to offer it to us, no questions asked, no judgments, no lectures—just 100% pure love because he was our father and God put him on this earth to care for us. 


A few years back just a few weeks before my mom’s birthday, my dad and I were discussing what gift he should buy. Since my dad is not exactly the “fashionably sensible” type, I’ve always taken the gift buying responsibility on his behalf. But this time he wanted to GO BIG. He told me “Kawawa naman mommy mo, I only get her cheap things every year. I think she deserves something expensive this time.” So I told him about the IPAD (which just debuted at that time) and suggested it to him. 

Patty: “Yehey! I know what you should get her! Get an IPAD!!!”
Dad: “A what? iPAD? Parang barok na iPod! Baka fake yan! Hahaha! What’s that??”
Patty:” No Im serious! It’s like a giant iPod, more like a tablet. She can read books, take notes, surf the internet, it’s like a small computer!”
Dad: “Oh, that’s perfect! She’ll love that! Sige, SOLD! Buy it today then I’ll pay you!”
Patty: “Wow dad! I’m so happy! Big time ka na!!!!”
Dad: “Yes, your mom deserves something expensive this year! Sige I will give you 5,000, that’s my budget for the iPad”
Patty: “Dad, it’s more than 20,000++!”
Dad: “ANOOOOOOOO?!?!!?!?!?! 20,000 WAG NAAAAA! sapatos nalang ulit!” 

But of course he still got it for her (even with a very heavy heart).

My dad is a one woman man because he is a one God man. He knows he’s not perfect, he doesn’t claim to know it all, he acknowledges his weaknesses—-and that’s why my dad depends solely on God. My dad doesn’t believe in all this modern self help hulabaloo. He’s old school. He doesn’t subscribe to the ways of the world, the quick fixes, the easy remedies—he believes that it is only through God’s grace that he’s able to live his life to the fullest. And I’m just happy that my dad just gets it. 

I love you Dad, my confidante, my lunch date, my joking mentor, my best friend, my protector. 🙂

13 Responses to Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your Dad! I got teary-eyed just reading it. I think all men who are dads or who want to be should aspire to look back one day and hear their kids say about them what you just said about your dad. My dad is far from perfect too, but reading this made me appreciate him for the father he is. Thank you for this inspiring post Ms. Patty and a happy birthday to your dad!

  2. hi patty! happy birthday to your dad! your post made me cry! i wish i had the same relationship with my father (he died when i was 2).

    your post made me appreciate my relationship with my loved ones.

    continue being an inspiration to others!

    take care always!

  3. This is such a great birthday treat for your dad. I love reading it. It’s nice knowing the other side of JJ. I greeted him today and told him, stay young and i know what’s his secret now 🙂

  4. Atty. JJ is so funny. He was my law school prof and I can tell he’s such a sweet person. We all learned a lot from him.

  5. i’ve been a silent reader of your blog for seven years na (i count the first blogsite of yours),
    and i’m a HUGE fan of you,,i still keep the magazines that you we’re featured, you’re my kinda inspiration, and i hope oneday ma meet kit in person (one of my bucketlist)
    i always love your entries about your family most specilly about your dad, i find your dad as the coolest, and most loving dad..lucky you to be his daughther and your dad to you. i always loved to read about dad and daugther tandem…
    and your relationship is one of the amazing tandem i know…

    happy birthday to you dad and get well to you miss patty!! 🙂

  6. Belated happy birthday to your dad ms. Patty! No wonder you’ve grown as a wonderful person because you have an amazing, loving and God-fearing father. I’m sure he’s more than happy and blessed having you and Daniela as his daughters(feeling close naman ako).
    God bless on your procedure ms. Patty. How i wish i’m one of your nurses so i could personally render my care. Virtual hugs!c;

  7. Aw. How sweet. Your dad deserve all the love that you have for him.. reading reading your tribute for him make me teary-eyed. God is really good for giving us a wonderful father. 😀

  8. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for some time now so I recognized your parents when we were on the same flights to and from Siem Reap just this past week. I hope your dad had a wonderful birthday trip!

  9. Teary eyed ako dito!
    Dyahe lang umiyak dito sa office….
    Nakakainis ka, in a nice way (nyek). Na miss ko tuloy dad ko, he passed away 2 years ago.

    God Bless You!