Happy Birthday to Meeeee!!!

I remember being in the first grade, all 6 years of cute little me, hoping desperately that I could somehow get my hands on a time machine and fast-forward to being 8 years old. I don’t recall why I wanted to be 8, perhaps it seemed like such a “mature” age for someone who’s 6.
8 seemed so awesome, so cool!!! And so you can imagine my delight when my 8th birthday finally arrived. Unfortunately for me, my little sister caught the pox a week before my birthday..so I spent my glorious 8th birthday confined to my bed. I even remember so vividly when my mom spotted the first “pox” on my left shoulder.. it was the eve before my birthday and she said, “Oh dear Patty, I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel your party, darling. I’m really sorry!”. I cried myself a river that night and tried desperately to scrape off that tiny watery lump! Damn you, MOTHER POXER (the name my dad gave to my first chicken pox sighting..so apt don’t you think?)! My party plans were all cancelled..bye bye Pabitin, bye bye Trip to Jerusalem! Chicken Soup and Chicken Pox, that was my birthday party right there. Ugh.
So now, I’m 28. 20 years later and I’m still the same old me. Slightly taller, barely wiser, but just as spunky as I was as a child. I still have a dimple and my two front teeth are still as big as chicklets. But I’m proud to say that I now have one chin and am no longer sporting a double chin. Sana naman kahit papaano, gumanda naman ako..kasi kung hindi, what’s the POINT?!?  Hahaha!

Ladies and gentlemen…i present to you, THE GRADESCHOOL GERBIL.

This year my friends and family showered me with so much love and affection all month long. Hindi lang birthday celebration, it felt like a birth-month celebration! These people are God-sends and I cant imagine how my life would turn out without them. New friends and old friends, each of them a blessing!



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