Happy First Birthday, Belo Baby!!!

As cliche’ as it sounds, times does fly so fast especially when you start having kids. To celebrate the first birthday of Belo Baby, I decided to rummage through our old pictures by Zeus Martinez and luckily, I found this gem of a photo. This was shot just a few months after Kelly and I gave birth—as you can see, both Tristan and Theo were still sporting their cutesy onesies and were still just blobs of fat. We didn’t even put on shoes for them at the time because they were still so small. Hahaha! And now scroll down to see the photo by Sheila Catilo taken exactly a year later. Tadaaaaahhhh! We are no longer moms to newborns, we are now moms to toddlers! We have officially joined the ranks with Nicole who is our ultimate #MommyGoal—looking so fresh, happy and cool even with 2 very active boys.

Indeed a lot has happened in the year that has passed. We’ve watched our babies grow and develop before our own very eyes and it’s safe to say that us too, as moms, have grown in faith, grace, and wisdom as well. Our children have been the best, most patient, teachers. But still, I am far from perfect as I am still experiencing a lot of hiccups here and there. I guess the mistakes and missteps make motherhood more meaningful!

One thing’s for sure though, we’ve got our baby’s skincare covered. I may be kapa-kapa mode for everything else, but this one is something I’m confident and secure in. Theo has been a happy Belo Baby since birth and now that he is an active toddler (and starting playschool already!), I definitely see ourselves being faithful users of the brand in this new season of his life. We started using the Hair&Body Wash, Face&Body Lotion, and Bar Soap ever since we signed up to be endorsers in early 2016 and we’ve never strayed since. Made with only the gentlest ingredients, these products have been so safe to use. No flare ups, no allergies, no rashes, no irritations—only smooth, kissable skin all day!

And this my friends, is how Theo’s bathroom really looks like. Our wonder woman yaya, Ate Maimai, arranged these all so nicely as soon as the packages were delivered to our home. We always get amusing comments about it from guests “Wow, it looks like a Belo Baby showroom” or “Hindi naman halata na sobrang fans kayo ng Belo Baby, noh??” or “Wow, Patty, hoarder!!!!!” HAHAHA! Theo’s bathroom is very plain (still saving so I can decorate it properly!) so I’d like to think aside from taking care of my baby’s skin, the Belo Baby products actually add color and life to our son’s modest banyo.

To all the meticulous and caring moms out there, I’d also like to fill your bathrooms with Belo Baby Love!!! Hahaha! I am choosing three winners for this simple contest. The 3 winners will receive Belo Baby gift packs 🙂

  1. Post a photo OR video of you and your child doing a tight BELO BABY LOVE hug on Instagram! If you say “Belo Baby Hug!!!”in the quick video, that’s plus points! HAHAHA
  2. Tag me @pattylaurel and @belobabylove in the caption. Add the hashtag #BeloBabyTheo to qualify for the contest.
  3. Winners will be selected and notified directly on March 30 by Belo Baby Team.


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