Happy, Healthy Foodie Project Week 3

YAHOO!!! I survived my third week!:) Nicole and I have one week left to go on our NUIU program and so at this point we’re trying to “train” ourselves to eat properly on our own. This article was sent to me by the NUIU nutritionists and proved to be very helpful for me. And because I understand that a lot of you are going through the same struggles, I thought it best to share this information with all of you too. As I’ve explained before, I was once a bonafide junkie (Ok, I still am!!!). This road towards health and wellness is a LOOOOOONG journey for me but I’m happy to report that my junk food eating has been toned down a bit and I’ve been feeling much better! I still love to snack on the bad stuff (especially on weekends!) but I’ve become more conscientious about the food I put inside my body nowadays. 🙂 Anyway, here’s the article..it’s a very easy and practical read so I hope it helps put some perspective.

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