Healthy Choices for the Week

I still love my sinful treats (I have a tube of Toblerone sitting right next to me) but I’ve been trying to indulge in more wholesome treats these days. So I’m setting myself up for a little challenge, to post 3 Healthy Choices for each week on the blog. You guys will be my support group as I move towards a healthier lifestyle 🙂 I hope you guys will find these recommendations helpful too! And maybe you could email me more suggestions as well–team work!:) 

I recently discovered this in Healthy Options. I’ve been looking for more natural ways to deal with my “girl problems” so eventually I could be less dependent on medication. Here’s what it says in the website, “Based on the traditional combination of raspberry and nettle, with other complementary herbs like angelica root, blessed thistle and cramp bark, this tea uses a tonic approach to women’s health. Herbal tonics gently support and nurture you, helping to promote balance and good health. A blend of pleasant herbal tastes, we love this tea’s ability to support women’s wellness and vitality.”

This is the all natural HAPPY DRINK! It’s perfect for combatting those “I don’t feel too well” emotions. It fights depression by increasing trytophan levels in the brain and it’s a good source of Vitamin B, copper and magnesium. It tastes delicious too, that’s the bonus. You can make your own Nutmilk at home but if you’re too busy (and don’t have the kitchen tools to juice properly), you can simply order from 🙂 You can order the mini bottles to compliment your meals. 
Now, here’s the BIG switch for me and Patrick. I don’t expect to be a strict organic convert, although it’s ideal–I don’t think it would be feasible given the limited options for organic produce in this country. PLUS we love eating out too much!!! So I guess we’ll have to approach it in a flexible but proactive kind of way, to go organic when the option presents itself to us. The easiest step towards going organic would be purchasing organic eggs and chicken products. If you read this Livestrong article, you’ll see the benefits of going organic with your eggs—1) 1/3 less cholestorol than commercially produced eggs 2)1/4 less saturated fat 3)Less pesticide residue 4)No added hormones/antibiotics 5)Tastes better too!!! I ordered my first tray of organic eggs this week from

4 Responses to Healthy Choices for the Week

  1. another natural and healthy way to curb PMS is to exercise. and it does what the nutmilk does to your brain too! i think i read somewhere that all it takes is to engage in continuous exercise for at least 10-15 minutes everyday.

  2. thank you so much miss patty… have been looking for the green grocer site but always lost on what its called… thank you so much.. plus i love your choices! 🙂