Heima, Whats Up?

A few months back, Patrick and I did a photo shoot for Wedding Essentials in a quirky little store in Makati. In between takes and outfit changes, we were snooping around the store and ticking off items  for our loft. There was a lot of “Oohhh..I like this one..hey, that looks cool..” Since we were busy working then, we simply “skimmed” the store so we vowed to come back and browse at our own leisure. So last week, during Patrick’s lunch break we visited HEIMA again.We were greeted by a whole new look, just in time for the 5th collection which was launched this month.

Heima is definitely not your run-of-the mill home store. You won’t find plain leather couches, monobloc chairs and boring stand fans in this joint. The Heima team explains that it’s more than just a store— Inspired by the lust for travel, photography, music and design you can say that a Heima piece is one stubborn work of whimsy. It doesn’t stick out, it stands out. The patterns are, simply put, colorful springboards on their own. So it’s not just furniture. It’s a lifestyle we promote. We advocate a lifestyle. We live for the carefree, the indie, the trigger-happy. We live for the fella and the bonnie lass. There’s pretty much something for everyone who wants to live a little different, style and substance in a unique package.”

Heima feels like a quirky little museum and their young team of creatives are definitely 21st century artists. While Patrick and I were sifting through their products, their happy interns and designers came out to say hello and I was surprised to see so many young faces working behind the scenes. I’m a big supporter of Filipino artists–and even a bigger supporter of YOUNG, talented Pinoys who have chosen to prettify and happify our homes with their creativity!
The store feels like a peanut butter-jelly sandwich, small and compact but oozing with goodness! They’ve maximized every square foot in this store, filling it up with all these pretty knick-knacks and quirky but functional furniture. You know how you enter these huge furniture stores and spend an entire hour browsing only to find ONE decent item worth taking home (and often times, it’s something generic like a candle or a placemat)–well, HEIMA gives you the exact opposite experience. You enter this tiny store and in five minutes you have a whole kaboodle of goodies in your shopping bag! Aside from the chic finds that are already in-store, they also offer a bespoke furniture service which allows you to have your chairs, tables, drawers, sofas custom made. For condo/townhouse dwellers, this is actually a great way to maximize your small space without scrimping on style. You can give them your specific measurements and they can make something unique for your flat. Although their products look imported because of their high quality and globally competitive designs, all their furniture are proudly Pinoy made! I have my eyes set on a few pieces already for our loft. 

Images from Heima Website

When I was in highschool (nung uso pa ang “MALLING”), my friends and I would hit the mall and they would be flirting with the boys in the cinemas, ice skating rinks, and food courts–while I would be all by lonesome self checking out furniture! They used to make fun of me for being such an “oldie” but I’ve been obsessed with sofas, consoles, and cabinets since I was very young. Of course, I could never really buy anything back then because 1)My allowance only covered canteen food so medyo 30,000 pesos short ako sa aking “sofa budget” 2)I was 15!!! Who buys a sofa at 15?!?! Shut up, Justin Bieber. Ang yabang mo talaga! But hooraayyy hooraaayyy for me—>NOW, I CAN buy my own furniture!!! Yeheyyy!!! In a few months, we’ll be moving into our own space and I can’t wait to decorate! To start our “beautification process” we snagged two wall art pieces from Heima. We stood in front of the Paper Club Wall for a good fifteen minutes just trying to narrow down our options. Everything looked sooooo good it was hard to pick just one–so we picked two!:) 
If you are also in the process of decorating your own space, I urge you to visit this store! The prices are reasonable considering the workmanship that goes into each piece. If you want to collect “conversation pieces” and furniture that has a story to tell, then this is the place to shop. Heima has two stores, one in LRI Design Plaza Makati and another one in Cubao Expo. But in the meantime, while you’re glued to your office chair maybe you could check out the Heima Catalog below.
You could win one of these 
WALL ART pieces from Heima!

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