Heng To The Keng

Friends, you’ll have to forgive this mama..I have barely 13 minutes to spare for this blog post. Internet connection, don’t fail me now!!! Cooperate! Cooperate! Patrick is keeping the bugoy busy before he heads to the office so I’m running on some precious time here. I know I haven’t been a “good blogger” for the past year because life has happened to me in the realest way and I need to get my blogger bearings back soon. I wish I can go back to happily rambling on the site. But to my dear followers who still take time to check up on me, please know that I have nothing but gratitude! Salamat guys!!!

Okay, so here’s a photo journal of our recent #MarriageFirst trip to Hong Kong with some of our favorite couples from our BSB (Bible Study Barkada): Nikki and BJ, Dani and Jay, Chiqui and Pat. We scored super-mega-mura-promo tickets several months ago (cheaper than our tickets to Bohol!) and so we decided to just run with it and plan a foodie getaway. So basically it was an eat-your-way-through-the city kind of adventure. No plan other than to get fat. Hahaha. Not exactly the healthiest idea, but hey, minsan minsan lang naman diba!

My top recommendations: 1) Mott 32: THE BEST!!! A modern take on Chinese fare.  I’m still dreaming about the food at Mott! Pricey, yes. But worth IT! Your happy belly will make you forget how much you paid. Quality food all the way. Reservations is a must as this place is quite popular. 2) Duddells: Another must when in HK and dining with a big group. We did the weekend brunch special with free flowing drinks and dimsum. This place is so instagrammy—I kept snapping like a millennial. Hahaha! 3) Atelier de Robuchon: Okay, so I have mixed feelings about this place. I had high hopes for this Michelin anointed restaurant, it was in fact the restaurant that we really “saved up for”. It’s either the food was underwhelming for my taste or I’m really not a true sophisticate! Maybe I just didn’t get it??? Most likely. Hahaha! But watching the chefs do their magic in the open kitchen was quite an experience. Think of it as a show as opposed to a “lamon” opportunity. 🙂

And before I leave, I want to say thank you to my husband for always making time for #MarriageFirst moments with me. We’re so busy as parents (and loving every minute of it!!!) that it’s nice to just hit the reset button and recalibrate as husband and wife. It means a lot to me and I’m so grateful we have an amazing support system that allows us to enjoy some little pockets of QT! I have to admit though I was such an annoying mom the whole time—watching Theo’s videos on loop, bugging my mom to do FaceTime every hour (she kept telling me “He’s fine!!! Don’t worry! Just enjoy! Don’t call us na!”), and just obsessing over him “What is he doing?” or “Did he eat his veggies today?”. My son is very close to his grandparents so we’ve been very lucky— I can relax and know that he is in good hands and that he’s actually having more fun without us!??? Nyehhh! Hahaha! But I guess being a mother never ends, even on vacation, it’s an on-going thing! There’s no pause button for it. I know a lot of moms who struggle with this and have a hard time leaving their kids (there are so many factors to consider!)—I totally feel you! I GET IT. If it weren’t for my mom’s encouragement to take some time off, I would probably be glued to my son forever too. Ang sarap naman kasi diba?? Hehehe. I say: whatever works for your family and marriage, go with it. As long as you are making an effort to nurture both and that everyone in your circle is HAPPY! Each family is different and unique and you have your own love languages. Kanye Kanya lang yan—hahaha autocorrect, spelled KANYE! LOL! In the end, we all have the best intentions for our kids and spouses–it’s just executed differently for each unit. The Lord knows what’s in our heart and He will be faithful to help us live it. Okay last two minutes on my timer. Gotta fly and do my mommy-ing now. Hope you like the photos though!

P1530945 P1530947 P1530948 P1530949 P1530952 P1530989P1530978 P1530986 P1540021 P1540037 P1540065 P1540039P1540073 P1540083 P1540098 P1540101 P1540185P1540105 P1540015P1540112 P1540121 P1540130P1540117 P1540136 P1540174 P1540186 P1540180P1540211 P1540218 P1540222 P1540251P1540245 P1540275 P1540401P1540304 P1540364 P1540369 P1540377 P1540360P1540406P1540379 P1540394 P1540371P1540399 P1540425 P1540556P1540537 P1540539 P1540546 P1540591P1540563 P1540565 P1540579 P1540601P1540588 P1540636 P1540664 P1540695P1540692P1540709P1540704

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Ms Pat!! i’ve been waiting for your blog this past few days! hehe. Super relate pag nalalayo sa baby! as in! you wanna go home na agad agad hihi! God bless you! 🙂

  2. Patty I like your blue spaghetti-strapped dress. 🙂 the color and style. Thanks for sharing your life. I am enjoying reading and am encouraged as well to continue journaling/blogging again. Konting push pa. God bless you and your little family. 🙂

  3. Totally a squad goals! Been following guys since then! Of course, love the snaps too! 🙂 BSB is really inspiring! <3

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