HeyJow X Sheila Catilo Collection

My dearest friend Sheila is the ultimate hyphenate! Mother to Three, Wife to Jorem, Photographer and now a bonafide jewelry designer!!! In this limited collection by HEY JOW, Sheila shows off her creative side with playful and exotic pieces that are sure to tickle the fancy of all the accessory junkies out there. I have been a fan of HEY JOW from Day 1 so this is a collaboration I’m more than happy to support 🙂 🙂 Please visit www.heyjow.com to order your pieces now!!! HURRRRRYYYYY!!! It has been selling out quite fast!! Here are some snapshots from the intimate shopping party Sheila and Joana hosted for a few friends at Coco Nails in Madison Galeries in Alabang Hills. Congrats again to Sheila and Joana!!! I am so proud of you, Mamas!


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