HeyJow X Sheila Catilo Holiday 2016

So honored to have been chosen by Joana Ballesteros Gube and Sheila Juan Catilo to mowwwwdel (with feelings!!!) for their Holiday 2016 collection. I’ve been a HUGE Hey Jow Fan for years now so this was a big “pinch me now” moment!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Friends, please visit www.heyjow.com and order now. Their pieces are limited and even more gorgeous in person   This collaboration is one of the most successful duets in the jewelry/accesories industry and I’m mighty proud of these two working mamas! Thank you again Sheila and Krissy Rodriguez-Kairuz for these beautiful photos, L’indochine for the clothes and Piandre Alabang for making me look puhrteee 

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