Hidden Cities EXTREME

Last week, I was fortunate enough to host the official media launch lunch (tongue twister right there) of the History Channel’s newest baby: HIDDEN CITIES EXTREME. I had a good chat with Simon, the show’s witty and candid host, and I’m convinced he’s a perfect fit for the show. Hidden Cities Extreme premieres on October 29 at 930PM so be sure you’re glued to your TV Sets by then!
Patty with Cardboard Simon
And now, Patty with the REAL SIMON.

All over Asia, HISTORY delved into secret and forgotten worlds – unearthing untold stories and unbelievable relics.HISTORY now expands the franchise by evolving the series to appeal to a wider audience and taking it to the extreme.

Simon Yin, presenter of Hidden Cities: Extreme jumps into extreme situations and adventures in this new spinoff series. He will hang on to his dear life as he embarks on thrilling, high-energy adventures across Asia, exploring the weirdest, the wackiest and the most extreme.

This new half hour series promises to be a fast-paced television ride that gets the audience holding their breaths and squirming in their seats, rooting for Simon to complete his challenges – safely. Whether he’s hunting with a remote tribe in the Philippines, eating tarantulas in Thailand, or taking part in a water buffalo race with locals in Bali, he is not one to take a step back… or look down, for all that matter.

For more information, check out the HIDDEN CITIES fan page at facebook.com/HiddenCities

Text and Images by History Channel

2 Responses to Hidden Cities EXTREME

  1. Hi ate Patty! You inspired me talaga especially while I was reading your travel extravaganzas. I try to travel a lot din and your idea of matching the number of countries visited to your age is a brilliant idea. so far at 21 I have travelled 7 countries only (mostly europe), I have loads of places to visit still to reach my age but this wont stop me from saving, budgeting, living on noodles (smiles), lutong bahay and be a chipipo to travel with a good budget ( while still maintaining the kuripot attitude). I like to write also and I will do my best to document everything I do, I will be backpacking in europe next year and I hope I can experience a great adventure like what you had on each country and city you visited. Inspiring talaga!

  2. Cool! This guy is crazy.. been watching a few episodes if his show and he’s doing the most outrageous things in the world.. haha! Nice Post 🙂