Hola Mis Amigos!

Every time I visit Madrid, I always make it a point to visit El Rastro. When I was in my teens, it was heavily frequented by the locals looking for el cheapo goods..nowadays, it has become more of a touristy activity, but still a lot of fun!


Here are two more videos I made for you all. Notice that I now have background music..uyyyy,improving na ako! Pwede!!! Hahaha 🙂 It’s still unpolished and the only sounds I could dig up are a bit corny..but it’s still way better than my past vids. I can already see my buddies Wacky ( a film director) and Patrick (a commercial editor) shaking their heads right now! Haha! For those asking, Im using my Kodak PlaySport Camcorder and edited it all roughly on IMovie. Im so thrilled to hear that you’re all enjoying this trip with me..it gets lonely at times on the road traveling alone (especially waiting for hours in the airport or traveling by train), so I love reading all your emails and messages! The airline actually lost my luggage (thats what I get for getting cheap budget flights! Patay!) and so my laptop is still missing! Im blogging through this Italian PC I borrowed with all these odd keys!So forgive al the errors. And please pray I get my suitcase back! All my Spanish chocolates and goodies are there!!!! Que Horrror!!!

10 Responses to Hola Mis Amigos!

  1. So glad for you that they found your luggage! Prayed with you on that one, knowing how stressful losing things could be…great post! thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

  2. Hi Patty! I always look forward to your posts. I hope that even if you enjoy posting videos, you won’t stop posting tons of pictures for your travel blogs. I think pictures are very pretty.

  3. hi patty! i know you had a bad experience with easyjet but would you still recommend it for budget travelling? i don’t want to use the train for travelling to another european country coz it’ll take too long =) also, have you tried vueling for travelling to/from spain? tia!

  4. Nice! I just saw a painting of Audrey Hepburn on your El Rastro video! 🙂 It made smile. ♥

    I got surprised to the Filipinos snack food. I wanna try that someday.

  5. hello there! I found another favorite blogsite after I have been viewing Bianca G.’s… You are so awesome and I want u to know that. i love u clothes! can I have em? (kidding. but i wud be the happiest! hehe really u are amazing! =)

  6. i really like reading your blog. it’s actually a part of my online routine. sobrang cool lang ng travel escapades mo. wish i can put up something like this too. 😀 way to go! 😀

  7. Hi Ms. Patty!

    Do you carry a tripod on your travels alone? I notice you have some whole body shots kasi. I’m planning my solo trip for next month and that’s one of my issues: who’s going to take my pictures? shld I bring my tripod?

    P.S I love your blogs 🙂


  8. Hi Sam, I highly recommend a tripod or monopod. I used a monopod for this trip but I also asked kind strangers to take my photos 🙂

    Lav, wooow thank you!!! so honored!!

    Elaine, I used a lumix lx5 for this trip 🙂

    Everyone else, salamat! Thanks for bloghopping!!!