Holiday Goodies from Readers

I’ve been so blessed to receive so many gifts from my dear blog readers from all parts of the globe. From handmade accessories, homemade cupcakes, and now even gifts for my nieces and new nephew! It feels like I have this huge family in all of you. Of course the gifts are greatly appreciated but more than the gifts themselves, I value the thoughtfulness of the people who have chosen to send us some love. Your personal emails and love letters make the gifts even more special. Maraming, maraming SALAMAT po!:) Here are a few of my favorites 🙂

Boston based Mitshi Rodriguez sent me these beautiful dresses from the States for my nieces/inaanaks Audrey and Natalie after seeing their photos on my Instagram feed. These two tots have so many fans already–a lot of my followers know them by their first names already and when they comment on my blog/tweets/IG posts parang close na rin sila kay N&A! Hehehe! I think my sister in law Cecil and I were actually more excited about the dresses than the girls. We spent a whole morning browsing Mitshi’s , drooling over all the pretty princess dresses on her site. The clothes available on this site are of the highest quality, definitely a bit pricier than their counterparts but like Mommy Cecil herself told me—these are the types of designs and fabrics that are hard to come by. They are very well made, durable (it will survive several washes!), and best of all–the kids can actually move, dance, twirl in them because they’re very light and comfortable. Cecil will be writing more about these dresses on soon! Aren’t they the cutest?!?!?!

I got these shoes a few weeks back and have been using them as “driving” shoes. They are so comfortable, you’ll probably ditch your flip-flops for these Habis. And would you believe, these shoes are made of woven rags! What I love about this brand (aside from it’s organic and steady vibe) is that it gives back to the community. Habi is a social enterprise run by 3 women that supports working mothers in impoverished communities.  Visit their site to order now. They also sent a pair for Patrick–though we have yet to wear it together. Still summoning the strength to go matchy-matchy like those adorable Korean couples! Hahaha. 

More baby love! The girls of OFFSPRING MANILA wrote to me as soon as they heard my sister Daniela gave birth to Francesco. Francesco is the newest addition to our very small family—the first apo for my parents! And since it’s a BOY, you can imagine my dad has been smiling non-stop since December 9! Hahahaha! Finally a BOY in our all-girls clan 🙂 🙂 Offspring Manila carry the brand Trumpette and so they sent a dozen socks for our darling Cesco—12 Socks for 12 Days of Christmas! Thanks again so much 🙂 
I love having my nails done, call it prissy or high maintenance—I think ladies should really set aside time to have their nails groomed and cleaned regularly. I got a holiday package from Priti NYC which is now available in the Philippines. If you’re not familiar with this cult brand, it is very famous abroad because it’s a 5 free, Vegan and Non Toxic brand. Priti NYC has been a top choice for New York and Paris fashion shows as well as A-list celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few. Their nail polishes are perfect not only for vegans but for the preggy women out there too. Now  you can still get your nails done without worrying about the harmful chemicals that could affect your baby. It’s also great for moms who want to paint their daughter’s toe nails too since it’s absolutely safe! Even their SOY NAIL POLISH REMOVER has none of the icky stuff and toxins. 

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