Holiday Treats from Healthy Options

Oh I just love Christmas and all the brownies, cheesecakes, chocolates, candies that arrive on our doorstep at this time of the year! It’s the season of complete indulgence, gluttony, breaking diets and merry making 🙂 However, we must not forget our loved ones with diabetes, high cholesterol, weight issues, and other serious ailments—and also our friends/family members who are not necessarily battling serious diseases but may have just personally chosen a healthier path.  For these people on your gift list, why not send them some love baskets filled with Healthy Options treats. These gift sets are also great for families–of course, we want to start the tiny tots on a healthy lifestyle while they’re young right??:) Just drop by your nearest Healthy Options store and ask the staff to help you assemble the perfect gift set for your loved ones. Happy and Healthy Holidays folks!!!

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