Honeymoon Recommendation: AMORITA

So did you enjoy Patrick’s video??:) I’ve been getting endless tweets begging for our Amorita post–so here you go! Amorita means Little Darling and I personally believe the name suits this charming resort well. Located right on Alona beach in Panglao, Amorita is always a top choice for local and foreign tourists. If you don’t believe me, a quick google search will land you at Trip Advisor as they have been awarded “Travelers Choice Winner 2013”. On a personal note, I’ve always wanted to visit Amorita–it has been on my wishlist for years especially since I’ve heard so many raves about this luxury boutique resort from friends. 
In the thick of our wedding planning last year, with honeymoon plans still all blurry, we received a very thoughtful invitation from Amorita Resort. Carissa encouraged me to consider their resort for our honeymoon by showing me their Lovers Package. Let’s just say Carissa is really good at convincing people—because within 2 weeks I found myself booking a flight to Bohol and sending her our flight schedule!Hehehe! To hit two birds with one stone (though I really am not a fan of animal cruelty..but I’m a fan of idiots idioms), we decided to make it a Visayan getaway experience so we also made plans to hop to Cebu after. (Blog post about Cebu will come soon!) 
Patrick and I decided it would be a good idea to spend our first year of married life discovering the world together..so instead of just having one bonggang honeymoon, we chose to make it a HONEYMOONING YEAR!!! I know it sounds overkill, but we’re young newlyweds and this is possibly the only time we’ll be able to do it!:) This way we could sort of manage our finances by saving for small trips spread out throughout the year. And it will also allow us to take much needed breaks in between stressful work periods and still feel like honeymooners.  
Some of the extra add ons for honeymooners include—A Romantic Massage for Two, Wining and Dining by the Beach, and BREAKFAST IN BED!!! My favorite!!!:) Well “technically” we didn’t have it in bed, we opted to have it prepared by our private plunge pool—uhuh, sosyal! You can call me SWANKY MONKEY because I live a life of luxury! Hahahaha!:) 

This is really a honeymooning couple’s fantasy villa. ROMANCE is written all over their villas! For soon-to-be weds and matagal-na-kayo-weds (yes, I just made that up!) check out Amorita’s Lovers Getaway Package hereI wore my RED BIKINI to spell LOVE-LOVE-LOVE even clearer to my husband! Hello, plunge pool, sangria, wife in a red bikini—hint, hint, hint!:) Hahaha! The villas are immaculately clean, tastefully decorated and spacious, it’s like having your own little house in the beach. There’s even a long walkway from your main door. If you’re married with kids, I still would highly recommend Amorita. Their villas are very kid friendly!
Amorita also offers tours and car rental (with driver) services for their guests. We opted to just hire a driver for a day to give us the flexibility to make our own plans. We had a leisurely drive across the Bohol countryside and dropped by the famous Chocolate Hills for some token tourist shots. Every time I come to Bohol, I’m always so impressed by their people. Boholanos are just genuinely pleasant—not overbearing, friendly but not too chatty, and best of all, it appears that they are very proud of their province. It’s a given that we all LOVE our respective hometowns, but to actually BOAST and VOUCH for it to non-locals, that says a lot! It’s possibly one of the cleanest provinces in the country. Kudos to the local government and tourism department of Bohol for keeping even their public restrooms clean and tourist spots safe and well monitored.
I hope I’ve made it clear that this is a beautiful resort that can definitely go up against international boutique resorts. They’re small enough to keep things personal and intimate (they called us by our first names throughout our stay!) and yet established enough to maintain their high standards. Their well manicured gardens alone will show you how much attention they pay to the little details. BUT let me dedicate the next 3 minutes of your reading time to express how much I appreciated their service. My sister and her husband Stefano visited Amorita last December. My sister sent me a series of texts raving about Bohol and more specifically about the service in Amorita. “My heart is about to burst with so much happiness. The people here are so nice!”, she exclaimed via SMS. I thought of course she was exaggerating at the time but after visiting Amorita—I couldn’t agree more! 

I really hope that we would be able to develop more boutique resorts like this in our country! God has blessed us with an abundance of natural resources and spectacular scenery—we just need to be able to present it to the world with a big red bow. Amorita did a very good job in creating a resort that is proudly Pinoy but world-class. We are definitely heading back to this resort!!!
 Book your room now at www.amoritaresort.com!

9 Responses to Honeymoon Recommendation: AMORITA

  1. I wanna go there! D ko n hihintayin ang honeymoon ko. Hihihi thank u for Travel Tuesdays and extra-mazing travel posts like this. I super love u n talaga! (cant wait for next Tuesday for ur Crimson post naman!)

  2. I couldn’t agree more! My husband & I also went there last Sept. 12′ for our mini honeymoon . Since we’re both working abroad, we also considered our trip to Amorita, like our “real” vacation. And it was the best trip ever! Their service is undeniably excellent! And yes, they called us with our 1st name too. During our 2nd day, I suddenly felt sick and needed to take meds. but we didn’t have. They bought paracetamol for me even it was already late then. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience, Patty! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, it’s actually affordable! I think I was too intimidated to check out this resort when we went to Bohol before so we just checked in somewhere along Panglao.

    Thanks for this nice post, Ms. Patty! I’ll definitely add Amorita in our must-try local accommodations list 🙂