Hong Kong Round Up

Tim Ho Wan for the Win
     Me and my fellow Tommy Hilfiger endorsers. Bwahahahaha!
The lines for Gucci, Prada, LV, Marc Jacobs, etc were insane!!!! HK peeps LOVE to shop–and when they shop, they shop BIG TIME! Syempre hanggang picture-picture lang kami ng asawa ko sa labas! It’s ok Pat, I don’t need those luxury goods—mayaman din naman tayo, we’re RICH in LOVE!!!! Hahahaha, that’s what poor and bitter people say!:)
Highly recommended! I don’t want to divulge much so I don’t ruin the experience for you. But if you’re planning a trip to HK, please include this in your itinerary! It will make you “SEE” the world in a whole new perspective. Definitely an eye opener—-literally and figuratively! Check out the site here.
Strolling around Stanley 🙂
Family pic in the MTR, thank you friendly Chinese man for taking this photo!
My dad’s happiness: PEKING DUCK in Spring Deer!
Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you so much for this thoughtful and generous Christmas treat!:) Here’s to more travel adventures in 2013! Woohooo!!! I love my family!!! 

3 Responses to Hong Kong Round Up

  1. hi patty! i love your family!

    if you don’t mind, what are your travel plans for 2013? do you have any particular countries on the list?