Hot Momma Nicole

Here are some behind the scenes photos from yesterday’s shoot. Smart Parenting magazine is featuring Nicole for their September issue and she decided to invite her girlfriends to be part of the photo shoot. So we all got dolled   up  in candy colors  for the baby shower themed pictorial at Marta’s Cakes.   In the middle of the storm, we  tried our very best to   bring our sunny dispositions to the shoot. The shoot took longer than expected, perhaps because we kept chit chatting the whole time.(Ano ba yan, unprofessional mowwwdels! Hahaha)  It was also great to finally sit down and catch up with Karen,  although she’s younger than us–I’ve always been so impressed by how sensible she is.  And yes, I am a midget compared to this gigantasaurus! I kid, I kid! Peace!:) Check out our fun  BTS photos below! Thanks again to all the wonderful stylists who helped us yesterday.  

I remember back in high school, Nicole was everyone’s ultimate crush. My friends and their brothers, and their brothers’ friends’ brothers all  drooled over this sweet faced Woodroser. As her friend, it’s been wonderful to witness her transformation from  “teen crush” to a  “glowing mommy”. Pregnancy has been so kind to her and I can honestly say she’s at her most beautiful womanly state right now.         And more than anything, Nicole just radiates peace and happiness–kudos to her hubby for doing such a good job! I’m lucky because the positive vibes have rubbed off on me too and  to all her other friends.   She’s the type of  friend who will text you  at a random time  if she remembers something that could help you–she’s so practical and specific and really remembers everything to the last detail!   I remember one time she even brought me to a home store and showed me  everything from hangers, dish organizers, to garlic crushers–it was such a simple gesture but something I truly appreciated. I’m very clueless about A LOT of things and entering marriage has made me even more nervous, often times I’m embarrassed to ask questions because they seem so common-sensical and elementary for some–but Nicole has been very patient in explaining everything to me and I’ve really picked up a lot of valuable tips (and confidence!) from her. Nic, I’m sure you will become an awesome MOM (a little cuckoo in the head–but still awesome)! A few months to go!:)

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  1. Hi Ms. PAtty…beautiful preggy si Nicole… i still have yun mga mags na andun kayo….like yun chalk mag way back 2004 april issue…hehehe