House Guests

When this condo unit was turned over to us last year, one of the things we prayed for was that this would be a happy place not only for us as a couple–but for our loved ones as well. We wanted to open our home to others, for the Lord to use this place to gather people together. And thankfully, God has answered our prayers! We’ve been married for barely  2months but we’ve had guests almost every other day–averaging at 3x a week! And mind you, we don’t even a helper–Patrick and I have created our own “cleaning system” that surprisingly works. I absolutely LOVE to clean—and although I’m sure Pat is not exactly thrilled to clean, he never ever complains about the chores he has to do and always takes out the trash, rearranges the furniture, helps me with the dishes enthusiastically. Hopefully this attitude of his doesn’t wear off anytime soon!

We’ve been praying for God to bless us with the provisions to be able to entertain more house guests–to make our little home a place where our friends can just chill and relax after a long and stressful work week. We’ve been lucky though that our guests have been so considerate of our tight newlywed budget–they always bring SOOOO much food! Umaapaw ang ref namin sa left overs–we get to eat the party left overs for lunch/dinner the following day! Laking tipid para sa amin!

What I love about our loft is that it’s so perfectly sized for us–small enough to maintain and clean everyday but spacious enough for entertaining guests.  Even our living room has the exact dimensions perfect for Dance Central and Fruit Ninja on kinect. We can only have a few guests at a time given our limited space (and chairs!) so we’ve been inviting people in “batches”. So to our other friends, we will be calling your “batch” soon. Parang Star Circle lang! Hehehe 🙂 

It’s always such a joy to be with our friends—as much as Patrick and I enjoy our alone time as a couple, we really look forward to our nights-in (as opposed to nights-out) with our close friends. Simpleng gimik lang: potluck, kinect, joke time at chismisan—that’s how we roll!:) Here are some random BLURRY photos from my phone!

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  1. Hi! Can you share which are is good to live in? I’ll be starting a life with my soon-to-be husband and we’re looking for a “start-up” place. It’s so hard to find a really good (and safe) community 🙁