How I Carry On With My Day

In many ways I call myself an in-betweener. It’s been quite tricky finding a box to tick, a stereotype to answer to, and a space to fill because with my unconventional line of work coupled with my “let’s take it day-by-day” parenting approach—it’s hard to put a label on what I do and how I do things. I do work everyday yes, sometimes from home, sometimes on location, sometimes in a mall, in a studio, in a restaurant. And yet on some days I’m also a stay-at- home mom–doing the dishes, changing diapers, reading books, doing the groceries, and dealing with the plumber, gardener, and carpenter all at once. Since I’ve gotten a taste of different worlds, I can honestly say that—GURRRL, IT IS HARD BEING A MOM! Whether you’re managing a whole household by yourself and just making sure your children are fed, healthy and happy—or hustling in the outside world, dealing with characters of all shapes and sizes—being a mom in 2017 is definitely no easy task!!

So when my friends at AVON invited me to share a glimpse of my day, I found myself taking a moment to pause to actually think about it. Needless to say, no two days for me are the same. Each day brings a promise of new challenges and new triumphs as well. Ever since I got pregnant for the second time around, I’ve been taking things a bit more easy just so I could enjoy this phase all the more. I used to shuttle from shoot 1 to shoot 2 and then event 1 to event 2 all on the same day—and I’ll admit I loved the thrill of being super productive and managing different jobs in a day, but ever since God announced the arrival of baby#2 I’ve taken a more conscious effort to squeeze in more “SLOW DAYS” in between these hectic days. So here’s a typical SLOW DAY for me, where I’m able to fully enjoy and engage with my son Theo. 


I married an early bird and my son seems to have inherited the morning genes as well. Our home is up and running as soon as the sun shines and I actually love getting an early start in the morning. Since I know I’ll be hopping from one place to another throughout the day, I usually just have ONE HAPPY BAG that can transition throughout my day to night. So in the morning just after breakfast, I usually make sure I have all the things I need neatly packed in my handbag. You’ll find so many random things in my bag–like a chocolate bar and dinosaur! HAHAHA!

I personally am loving this neutral carry on bag designed by Jodi Sta Maria for AVON! The color matches most of my outfits so I don’t really have to change bags when I change outfits throughout the day. Plus it’s so spacious, I could literally pack my whole house in it! The bag seems big when you think of all the knick knacks you can store in it but once worn, the size just fits my petite frame perfectly. It doesn’t look too big or overpowering so I can wear it dressed down or even with a nice summer dress.


Theo’s class starts at 830 but we like being there early—-because we’re early birds remember! HAHAHA! I’m part of a carpool system in our village and I love it. I do drop offs/pick ups on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I love bonding with Theo and his baby barkada in the car. It’s always such a treat to drive for them!


After dropping off Theo, I drop off my husband at the bus station. We live in the South and my husband commutes to Makati everyday for work. He used to drive but it would take up so much of his time and energy plus gas and toll, he figured a more practical way to get to work was through the P2P system that shuttles from Alabang to Greenbelt and vice versa. So I drop him off in the morning after which—it’s a toss up between hitting the gym or getting a proper mani-pedi. The salon always wins of course. HAHAHAHA!


The past few months I’ve been working on the renovation of our new home. In just a span of 3 months, I’ve become a tile, wood, paint and cement expert already! Hahaha! Before heading to pick up Theo from school, I’d usually pass by the new house to oversee the progress of the work that has been done. We have about 1.5 months to go and I’m really excited!


Theo gets dismissed at 10:45 so I usually time it for a quick date to the supermarket after he gets dismissed. Theo is obsessed with FOOD (just like his Mama!!!) so our trips to the grocery are always met with a lot of enthusiasm. He’s always telling me what food he likes, pointing this and that in every aisle!


If I’m too lazy to cook or have a special pregnancy craving, I’d grab a bite with Theo in a nearby restaurant. But on most days, lutong bahay is always the best!!!


Theo is a long napper, he naps from after lunch to 3PM everyday. I love that he has a nap schedule in place, he always wakes up in a good mood after his naps and it’s our most favorite snuggling moment too. Bagong gising babies are the squishiest! After his nap, we’ll read some books or play with his legos. 


At 4PM, Theo will already ask to head outdoors as he loves being outside. He will either head to the park to meet up with his neighborhood barkada or we would spend the afternoon at my parents who live about 5 minutes away. He loves gardening with my dad—this is one activity he really enjoys doing with his Lolo JJ.


We usually have an early dinner at home because our son hits the sack pretty early. So by 6PM we’ll have dinner with my husband and when he has his bonding time with Theo, that’s usually when I do catch ups on email and blogging. I’ll also do most of my work late at night or early in the morning too.


After a long day, it’s always nice to wind down with a nice dinner. My husband and I will either grab a simple dinner and watch a movie after OR we’ll meet up with a few close friends to enjoy a proper meal together. By 10-11PM, I’m already yawning so I like to call it a night before midnight. So from morning to evening, I’m able to squeeze in a lot of activities using only ONE HAPPY BAG.

The next day is another day for another HAPPY BAG!!! This time I’m using this chic, black handbag also from Jodi Sta. Maria’s exclusive line for AVON.

You can never go wrong with an all black ensemble, it’ll take you from day to night seamlessly! And that’s why a classic black handbag should be a staple in every woman’s closet. I love this bag designed by Jodi Sta. Maria because it has just the right shoulder strap length plus it comes in an elegant semi-shine finish with touches of gold for extra drama. 

Whether it’s for hitting the gym or packing for a quick day trip out of town, a sleek backpack like this one is what will make you look sporty without compromising your personal style. I love that it doesn’t look too bulky even if does have lot of packing space for your clothes, water bottle, towel, and snacks too!  This bag is also a part of the Avon collection designed by Jodi Sta Maria. To see more cool styles of handbags and see what fits your lifestyle, visit now.

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