How to beat 2012

So 2012 was daaaaaammmmnnn good. No, it was FANTASTIC. Next to 1983, it has got to be the most significant year of my entire life. It was the year I got engaged, got married, moved out of my parent’s home to move into our new home, added new destinations to my travel list, plus a dozen more mini milestones in between. I don’t know how I could possibly beat 2012 in awesomeness because it just seemed to be THE YEAR for me. Before it hit 12, I was secretly wishing “2012, please don’t end. Please don’t end. Please don’t…….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” hahahaha! But that’s the beauty about life, it just keeps getting better!!! That’s what God promises each year and it’s a promise I always claim! All the things we celebrate, all the things we enjoy—all these things come from the BIG GUY!:)

As soon as 2013 started, FB/TWITTER/BLOGOSPHERE has been bombarded with lists of last year’s major accomplishments, highlights, resolutions and to do lists—most of which inspiring and encouraging and some well..hmmm…borderline humble bragging!Alam nyo na yun!:) Yung pasimpleng yabang na dumidiskarte sa New Year! HAHAHAHA 🙂

To be honest, I’m scared of making lists. I’ve always been nervous about putting my dreams and goals in writing and actually broadcasting it to the world. Believe it or not, as much as I would like to be the quintessential 21st century superwoman go-getter—I’m really a sissy. When it comes to setting big goals, my heart gets tight and my judgment gets clouded with worry, anxiety, and insecurity. I’m just thankful that God knows my secret dreams and I just sort of whisper it in his ear at the start of the year and he just orchestrates everything without any contribution from me! Even the dreams I never ever believed I would be able to achieve, God dreamed it for me. Totoo talaga yun, your dreams are HIS DREAMS for you too. Of course if you dream to be a psycho serial killer then that’s a different story. This has always been the case for me and God–we’re tight like that. So whatever good news ends up here on my blog is really just a manifestation of God’s faithfulness in my life 🙂

So here, I just whipped out my NAVI PLANNER from Belle de Jour and I’m all set to start writing my list for 2013. I don’t know exactly what I WANT for 2013..but I do know what I don’t want—GERMAN MEASLES. That would totally ruin my year. Ok, back to being serious—Patrick and I do have a lot of “prayer requests” for the year so maybe I could start from there and see where it takes me.  Now whether this year turns out to be as great as the last or NOT—I think I’m ready! I’m pumped. I’m psyched. So 2013, let’s DO THIS!!!!:)
Side Note: Ok, I don’t really drink wine. I’m more of a “wine sipper”. Hahaha. Just wanted to put the wine to make it look sophisticated–oooh, diba! Parang “Cheers to the New Year” yung peg ng picture!May point naman pala!:) Now about that candle/lantern thingy—walang symbolism yan! HAHA!:)

6 Responses to How to beat 2012

  1. hi ms patty..i’ve been waiting for this blog post.. you just don’t know how many times in a day i access your site just to check if you have posted a new one.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I keep on laughing… You’re so kalog. That makes you more beautiful! Cheers to 2013 Ms. Patty!

  3. You have such a great personality 🙂 God bless u more this 2013 and may u continue to inspire others!