How to cure my Sweet Tooth

Last week, I was a Hormonal PMSing Monster on the prowl for some sweet sweet sweets!!!! Just to torture myself, I visited the FOOD section of THE FANCY and found these mouthwatering treats!!! Oh the pain, kulang nalang kainin ko yung pillow! 🙂

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Lucky me, I have my very own Sweet Tooth Cure: Sabrina Cristobal-Go. She comes in a very sweet and pretty package too, just as sweet as the treats she makes 🙂 If you recall a few posts back, she made me the most delicious Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies. So as I was in bed agonizing over these photos..I thought of a little happy project! Of course, this project was completely self-serving and only benefited one person: ME. I emailed Sab at and told her I’d like to TEST her kitchen skills through an EXPERIMENTAL DESSERT CHALLENGE!!! The mechanics were simple, I’d give her my top picks from the FANCY..nothing but pictures and a caption to describe each photo. And she would have to whip them from scratch! No recipes and a list of ingredients to assist her..only the pictures to guide her! Quite difficult for clueless kitchen peeps like me, but a challenge she gladly accepted. Sab messaged me back in an instant: “GAME! Let’s do this! This should be FUN!”
The Ultimate Dessert Challenge
Dessert Maker: Sabrina Cristobal-Go a.k.a. Sinfully Sabrina
Dessert Eater: Patty Laurel a.k.a Boy Lamon ng Tondo

For the first challenge, presenting Sabrina’s version of COOKIE DOUGH TRUFFLES! Cookie dough with chocolate chip bits covered in rich dark chocolate.ay caramba!!! At first they looked fairly easy for me to eat, they came in small bite sized I thought to myself “Sus, Sisiw lang ‘to! I can eat this all up in one sitting!” then I took a bite of the first ball..and booooom! Woooow, these little truffle balls can pack quite a punch! There’s a nice contrast of textures, when the outer chocolate shell cracks you’re greeted by the chewy and sweet cookie dough. 

For the second challenge, Sab whipped up her own Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies. She even texted me a word of caution before eating “Patty, The brownies are meant to be shared!” hahahaha 🙂 Sab knows me all too well. I’m a very giving person in general, but I’ve been known to be very “madamot” when it comes to desserts. I HATE SHARING peeve ko yun! Haha! But these brownies are indeed meant for sharing, they’re very rich and filling and one piece is more than enough 🙂 They literally melt in your mouth and with the kick of mint to break the richness of the chocolate, it’s really a good marriage of flavors!
The third and final challenge was the most challenging for Sab..a challenging challenge, redundant much? Haha! 🙂 But she was still game and tried to work her magic on these donuts. Her third masterpiece, the Maple Bacon Donuts. Some might find it an odd combination, but you’ll be surprised that it actually works. It’s the perfect breakfast themed donut and Sab created a really nice twist to the usual honey glazed donut. 
And the final verdict????

I have a special treat for all you dessert freaks!

I’m giving away SINFULLY SABRINA Desserts 
to some Lucky Blog Readers!
Sabrina will personally bake your “dream dessert” for the winners of this contest!

1. Click LIKE on the Facebook button below and on the Sinfully Sabrina Facebook Page.
2. Visit Sabrina’s website and browse through her yummy dessert creations. Choose your one “dream dessert” and tell me why you chose this dessert by Sinfully Sabrina. 
3. Send your name, answer, and home address to before September 25, 2011.

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  1. hi patty.. you’re skin looks soo flawless, to think you love sweets lol… but yea,,im just wondering if you could share your daily skin care regimen 😀