How To Shoot Travel Videos

Hi folks! I’ve been getting lots of emails about our Europe travel videos so I figured I’d write a bit about it today. Thanks so much for the generous compliments–as much as I would like to take credit for them, it’s ALL the work of Patrick and his Blackmagic Design Pocket Camera! I just picked the music and made pa-cute! Hahahaha! 

Like I’ve mentioned before, Patrick shoots all the video on his own (except for a few shaky bits, by me!) using this very compact video camera. You’ll see below that it’s just as big as a standard point and shoot camera so it’s perfect for traveling. It doesn’t command a lot of attention like other giant video cameras/DSLRs so you can shoot discreetly while on the go. Plus it’s very light too, Patrick just keeps it handheld most of the time or packs it in his backpack with a tripod and a few lenses. I don’t know much about the technical stuff so if you have any more questions about the actual specs, just hop on over for more details. I love taking photos but I find that videos can really capture the vibe and energy of a place more effectively. I am quite lucky to have a videographer/editor for a husband, I love that all our trips are documented nicely on film.. But thanks to this user friendly and super affordable video camera, anyone with an eye for detail can shoot amazing videos too! 🙂 You can scroll down further to see all our Europe travel vids shot with a Blackmagic Pocket Camera. 

All the videos above were shot with a Blackmagic Pocket Camera 
and edited using Da Vinci Resolve on a Macbook Pro 🙂
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