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I have to thank my friend Nicole for introducing me to Howards Storage World a few months back. She accompanied me one afternoon to window shop for possible items for my little pad. After doing the regular store rounds, she suggested we try this new store. Nicole described it so passionately, with her eyes wide open and the biggest grin from ear to ear. “Patty, it’s heaven there! You’ll go crazy!!” I was skeptical at first but because I trusted her taste (and because her eyes were getting bigger than usual–talagang excited sya!) I went inside the store. And as she predicted, yes, I did go crazy. I wanted this and that, and this too!As soon as we left the store Nicole said to me “SEEEEEE!!! I told you so!”. Hahaha!
It’s filled with smart and innovative knick knacks for your home—offering brilliant yet easy solutions for any part of your home, office, school, church, etc. Here you’ll find lots of “Hey I need this!!!!” and “OMG, this makes so much sense” kind of items. Trust me, it looks like a very unassuming home store from the outside but as soon as you grab hold of the products and understand how smart and savvy they’ll be staying for another 30 minutes for sure.
Every time Patrick and I are in Greenbelt 5, we always make it a point to swing by Howards. We’re there all the time, kilala na kami ng mga salegirls! They call me by my first name, close na kami! Hahaha, so embarrassing. It’s like a home version of Forever 21 or Topshop, you just want to take home everything!
Aside from tools and accessories for various spaces, they also carry the ELFA Organization System. I keep telling Patrick, when we finally move into a house someday–we will ELFA it to the tenth power! I will ELFA our kitchen, ELFA our home office, ELFA our bedrooms, ELFA our laundry area! You can read more about ELFA here
Patrick’s Picks:
Boris Cell Mate.Oxo Magnetic All Purpose Clips.D’Line Odor Removing Soap.
Cheeki Stainless Steel Bottle. Driin Cellphone Holders.
 Patty’s Picks:
Rabbit Salt and Pepper Grinders.Real Seal Thermo Glass.Joseph Joseph Kitchen Tool Set.
Kitchen Soap Dispenser. Gray Storage Boxes.
For couples who will be tying the knot soon, you might want to consider signing up for the wedding registry service now offered in the store. All you have to do is simply ask any of their friendly sales staff to assist you. They’re all well trained and understand the products available so if you’re clueless about certain items like kitchen tools, filing cabinets, or other home products—they can give you recommendations while shopping to make the process virtually painless. Had I known sooner about this new service, I would’ve signed up for this long before we sent out our invites! But the ever-thoughtful folks of Howards Storage World were kind enough to give us some items for our little home. I asked them if I could share the Howards Happiness to my wonderful readers–and guess what they said YES!!!!! And they’re not just giving a simple gift, they’re going all out to splurge on YOU! Oh, I love it when I encounter genuinely generous brands. Kinikilig ako para sa winners!:) Ang swerte niyo!!! 
I’m picking ONE LUCKY COUPLE who will be joining us for a whole afternoon of shopping!
The lovebirds will take home 
15,000 PESOS 
worth of awesome items from Howards Storage!

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2. Click LIKE on the Howards Storage World Facebook Page.(Both of you have to click LIKE!)
3. Send your names, home address, and a photo of you and your sweetheart at home to
   Simply answer this question:
“If you could organize a space in your home with HOWARDS items, which area would it be and WHY?”(It could be your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, home office, kid’s room, etc.)
Contest is open to engaged and married couples. Contestants must follow ALL the steps to qualify. For children who would like to enter on behalf of  their parents, you are welcome to do so. 
Contest ends on October 24. The winning couple will be announced in the Howards Facebook Page and Howards Twitter Page.

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  1. TOJ, yes it’s a “couples” game for those who live together or will be living together soon 🙂 dont worry more games for singles too in the near future!!

  2. Hi Ms. Patty,

    This is Abby, I’ve been trying to send my answer to your but it always fails.

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    I tried both my gmail and yahoo account even my company email add but the message wont send. =( =(. Is there any other way to send you my answer? I really wanna join your contest.

    Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  3. hahahaha..foolish me. there is indeed a period after the com! sorry Ms. Patty guess i just got really excited. Thank you so much. You’re heaven sent! Have a nice day =) God bless.

  4. Hi Ms. Patty Laurel! Thanks to you and Howards for having this promo! My husband and I joined in! Thanks again and more power!