Hyatt Manila Staycation

I love the whole STAYCATION idea and I find more and more Manilenos are getting into this fad of vacationing in-town. Although, I’ll always be a fan of out of town trips—for those who don’t have the luxury to take a long leave from work, a staycation in the metro could be the next best thing! 

As soon as we got the staycation invitation from HYATT MANILAwe scrambled looking for a free weekend! After being thoroughly impressed during our The Fireplace dinner, I was really sooooo excited to actually check in for the weekend!:) Between Me&Patrick and Cecil&Jonsy (all 4 of us with different jobs and work scheds), it was really hard for us to pin a date. Thankfully, a weekend in April opened up for Patrick so we went ahead and booked the date. We also planned this staycation to fall just a few days before leaving for our NY trip so we could spend time with our nieces, Audrey and Natalie! I’m sure being apart for two weeks from these two cuties will make Patrick feel so homesick 🙁 
Patrick and I were billeted at the 10th floor in a spacious suite—so spacious in fact, I think it’s even bigger than our apartment! Hahaha! I kid, I kid! Best of all, it was just a few steps away from the Regency Club lounge! Guests who book for this special suite get complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 AND get to enjoy the FREE cocktail hour from 6-8PM!!!! Whatta treat!!!:) I went gaga over the cheese and desserts (as usual!). 
To cap off our Hyatt experience, Cecil and I were treated to a luxurious massage and Moor Mud body wrap by Pevonia Botanica at the Club Oasis Spa. When it comes to spa-ing, I always look for the Pevonia brand so I’m glad Hyatt is also one of their spa partners. 

It was a fun GIRL BONDING session for me and Cecil. Patrick joined Jonsy in babysitting the girls, but I have a feeling tinulugan lang sila ng asawa ko! I guess he still needs more practice 🙂 Hehehe!

Aside from being my sister-in-law, it’s no secret that Cecil is one of my best friends. Aside from seeing each other almost every week–we’re always on WhatsApp almost everyday chatting up a storm about everything and anything. HAY, WOMEN. We never seem to run out of things to talk about, huh?:) We were talking and talking during our treatment, I even caught the masahista laughing sheepishly at my jokes! Hehehe 🙂
The next morning, we woke up early to maximize the BIG, BIG, BIG buffet breakfast at Market Cafe. They had quite a spread! They had everything from waffles, pancakes, bacon, omelettes to tapa, tocino, daing and even a whole area dedicated to Chinese food. And they even had ice cold YAKULT!!! All you can drink Yakult!!! All lactobacilli shirota strain you can take!:) 🙂 
After breakfast the plan was for us to change into our swimwear and meet the others at the pool. Patrick and I, the lazy sloths, decided to take a nap and before we knew it our alarm was ringing for lunch!!! Eeeeeep!!! Kain tulog–kain ulit?!?! Don’t worry, Cecil will be blogging about their family pool escapades so stay tuned for that. 🙂 They’re obviously the more active Filarts. Put me in a luxury hotel suite with plush pillows , switch on the AC, and BOOOM it’s over!!! “Patty! Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling are just across the street! Let’s gooooo!!!!” But, But, But the pillows—they need meeee…they’re just sooooo fluffffyyyy!!! Showering, Sleeping, Eating—these are my three favorite things. So if I’m able to do these 3 in a five star hotel like Hyatt, then that would make me one happy camper. FYI, my fourth favorite activity would be interpretative dancing, I just like how the message flows through my bodehhhh!Hehehe! 

For lunch, the rest of my in laws joined us at Hyatt. It was full blown Filart family invasion at the LiLi Restaurant at the 5th floor. They booked the Bai Ling room for us to enjoy the order-all-you can Chinese buffet. No wonder LiLi has become such a big hit! It’s the perfect restaurant for family get togethers, reunions, and birthday parties. Our assigned waiter James was very helpful, he gave me recommendations and assisted me in ordering the right amount of food for our group. All our dishes were freshly cooked upon ordering—and since it was a buffet (with one fixed price per head) we ordered and ordered to our hearts delight!!!! SARAP!
We’d like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the whole HYATT MANILA 
family for arranging this wonderful staycation for us!!!! Hooray for family weekenders!:)

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