I love you, Toto and Alfredo.

Giuseppe Tornatore’s 80’s classic: Cinema Paradiso.
The only movie that matters. I’ve seen this film again and again, 
but it still wins as THE best movie of all time. 
Majestic scoring, Nostalgia, Comedy, and Romance all rolled into one! 

5 Responses to I love you, Toto and Alfredo.

  1. this movie changed how i viewed movies. i saw it in my european cinema class under father Nick =) if you liked this, you should watch malena and the diving bell and the butterfly =)

  2. I love love love this movie. It’s also one of my favourite films of all time. I love the kiss montage in the end as well.

    I just wanted to share some good Friday vibes. My boyfriend is Sicilian and we went back to his hometown earlier this year. I got such a nice surprise when his dad passed me the phone on my first day there. It was Toto welcoming me to Sicily! As in the little Toto who’s now all grown up. He never left Sicily and my boyfriend’s family knows his. We also went to Palazzo Adriano where the movie was filmed… And upon seeing it for the first time I automatically went “La piazza mia!” 🙂

    Anyway, let me know if you ever plan to visit Sicily one day… so worth the trip. I’d be happy to make some recommendations. 🙂