Ibiza Beach Club BGC

It seems like just about all the “IT” people on Instagram have been posting about IBIZA BEACH CLUB in BGC. I don’t think I qualify as a legitimate “IT” girl unless it’s used in another context—like “IT” in “What is IT???” with a puzzled look trying to identify an unknown species or spotting some alien creature! HAHAHA! I’m a creature! Or “Cousin IT!” Yeah, That’s more me! Cousin IT GIRL! Hahahaha!

Despite my pending “IT” status, I still had the pleasure of being invited to wine and dine in IBIZA BEACH CLUB. The invitation alone was enough to consolidate my coolness! And because it was too cool of an invite, I had to pass on the cool to my two girlfriends Stella and Sheila so they tagged along too. DISCLAIMER: The word “COOL” will be used multiple times in this post.

My first experience was in the Cebu-loved IBIZA BEACH CLUB in Movenpick with Baby Barangay, we had such a fantastic time back in 2015 and so I was thrilled to hear about their expansion in Manila this 2017! This beauty is located on the 6th floor of the W City Centre building, a posh high rise right in the middle of Bonifacio Global City.

I chose to celebrate the day after my birthday at this beautiful 1,000 seater flagship restaurant and club with two of my closest friends. We felt like movie stars and couldn’t stop taking photos!

IBIZA BEACH CLUB is famous for it’s nightlife charm but I have to say it’s just as stunning during the day. And with their hard to beat 3 or 4 course Lunch deals, it’s perfect for special get togethers with friends and even officemates. But of course, since it was my birthday—-we went all out and had the 15 course meal complete with cocktails to feel like a proper GIRLS NIGHT OUT at noon, hehehe!  It was such an indulgence, I think the 3 of us were more than ready to call it quits by 2PM. But when the Movenpick ice cream and the glorious grilled pineapples came out, we were on party mode once again! Hahaha! So grateful for the good food and great laughs to celebrate another year of blessings. Thanks again to Meg and the rest of the team at IBIZA BEACH CLUB! You may visit their website here for more details http://ibizabeachclub.global.

“For those willing to plunge into a hearty feast, the servings are generous and vast – Filet Mignon, Angus Rib-Eye Steak, Baby Back Ribs, Ostrich Meat, New Zealand Lamb, buttery Rock Lobsters or Salmon, Tiger Prawns, Cuttlefish, Chicken, Crispy Pork Belly and Beef Short Ribs, to name a few. This menu is so indulgent, it’s sure to last an entire evening of hearty dining.

Ibiza BGC brings this popular and well-lauded epicurean delight to your table, when it opens both for lunch and dinner. Guests will enjoy the Balearic-inspired, signature 15- course grill at an introductory price of PHP 2,500+. They can also add on PHP 600+ for an unlimited serving of award-winning Manny O. Wines.

Diners will enjoy a hassle-free experience as chefs serve them with freshly cooked, a la minute variety of meat cuts, slicing them off a long skewer and directly onto the plates. The 15-course repertoire also includes a serving of salad, Pao de Quejo (cheese bread), side dish, and ends with its speciality dessert, the grilled Queen Piña.” -Ibiza Website

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