If only I had the FERA to buy a FERARRI

When I move out in the future, one of the things I will miss is watching car shows with my father every night. As soon as the cable guy hooked us up with Discovery Turbo, the remote was deemed useless as my dad never changes the channel. You see, my dad is a sports car enthusiast. And when I say “sports car enthusiast” it ends with the word enthusiast..meaning he’s enthusiastic about sports cars..but, he doesn’t own one. We happily belong to the family sedan-owning population 🙂 My mom told me that when they were newlyweds, my dad’s biggest dream was to own a Ferrari. My mom asked, “So if we buy this car..where will we live? Because, we’ll have to sell EVERYTHING we own just to pay for that car.” And my dad answered without any hesitation, “We’ll live in the Ferrari! It’ll be our home! so COZY!”:) Thankfully, my mother always has the final say in our home..or we wouldn’t have a home! Hahahaha!

My dad loves doodling cars when he’s bored. In fact, our daily newspaper is filled with car doodles all over. Here’s one drawing I stole from my dad’s desk this morning….pretty good, huh?:)

Just like my dad, most of us can only DREAM about racing in a Ferrari like Schumacher, Massa or Alonso. For the daydreamers like me, there’s a museum in Maranello, Italy dedicated to the ultimate CAR GOD, The FERRARI. This is already on the list of my THINGS TO DO BEFORE I GO MEET JESUS. I wanted to say DIE, but that just sounded too morbid. 🙂

I’m no sports car expert, but because of my dad’s influence..I’ve slowly developed a love for cars through the years. I just love discovering how these cars actually work..you know, the science and engineering behind these road monsters and of course the fuel power that goes into each engine that causes them to completely command the F1 racetrack. Boys and Girls, here’s some interesting FERRARI TRIVIA for you all! (Picked up these tidbits of info from www.formula1blog.com)
   > The Shell- Ferrari partnership began in 1929. Talk about COMMITMENT, haha. I think we should get tips on marriage from these two motoring giants. 
   > The first race car driver Shell supported was Enzo Ferrari.. Yep, he’s the cool lolo dude in the photo below. 
   > Shell provided Michael Schumacher with OVER 181,000 liters of racing fuel during his Ferrari career!!! WOOOW. And 99% of that fuel is identical to the Shell V Power available at your local gas station. Yes, you could be cruising the streets ala Schumacher too!:) 
  > Shell and Ferrari won 12 Formula One World Drivers’ and 10 World Constructors’ Championship, ran in more than 470 Formula One races together, winning over 155, and scoring more than 2,000 World Championship points as a partnership! AMAZING!!! 
> Patty Laurel will be driving a Ferrari real soon. It’s called DREAMING BIG. hahaha 🙂

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  1. Please bring Tito JJ and Tita Leah to Jaden’s race car party!!! I have a feeling Tito JJ will enjoy 😉

    And and and… my dad is exactly the same with sports cars!!! yun lang.

    love, chocolate the great