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One of the things I’m enjoying most about having a 20 month old is that he’s perfectly ripe at this age to fully appreciate staycations. His first staycation was at 2 months old (yes, we started him early!) and back then he was still a blob on a bed. He was sandwiched in between an Intramuros wall of pillows and just lay there like a cute little slug. I’ll admit when Theo was less than a year old, the staycations were really more for me and Patrick to sort of have a breather from the toxic workload and everyday baby drills. But now that he’s a full grown toddler—complete with ninja skills and more mobility (ay caramba! nahihilo na si Mama) PLUS a new found sense of self (with his own preferences and opinions already!!!), staycations are now much more interactive now.

The start of 2017 has been extremely busy for both me and Patrick. It’s been <insert Rihanna here> work-work-work for us. Yes, we’re tired on MOST days but we’re also very grateful for all the opportunities. So the invitation for a 2 night stay in IM HOTEL was something I definitely welcomed with open arms. First of all, since Patrick’s office is in Makati—it allowed him to still fulfill his 9-5PM office duty and spend time with me and Theo after work in a swanky hotel. So it was a win-win! Thank you Melissa, Jilly and the rest of the team for coming up with the most relaxing, family friendly itinerary for us.

“I’M Hotel is a property of many firsts—It is the first 5 star hotel in the Poblacion district of Makati and houses the first Onsen Spa in the Philippines, which is incidentally the largest urban spa property in the country as well. The name itself is a homage to the guest, an invitation for them to project their personalities and preferences onto the hotel so that they can truly call the experience their own.” -I’M Hotel Team

So before I bombard you with more photos, here’s a quick run through of the 5 reasons why I give I’m HOTEL a thumbs up.


They booked us in a 2-bedroom Suite which had a lot of space, allowing Theo to run around in and go bonkers!! GO CHILD, RUN FREE, EXHAUST ALL YOUR ENERGY!!! Their suites come stocked with a Mini Bar (a big plus because we had complimentary non alcoholic drinks to last us all day!), a kitchenette, washing machine, and well-designed bathrooms too. Rooms are modern and minimalist in design, which I personally prefer over frivolous and busy interiors.


When we had our staycation, it was THAT time of the month so I had to reschedule my massage for the following week. My girlfriend, Marge Montemayor, joined me for a super relaxing massage treatment and it was the most ideal set up because we also had a full buffet at BLOOM to devour as well. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy the ONSEN Spa, they welcome walk-in guests as well. They have an on-going promo that’s so unbelievable! It’s only Php 1500 per head for buffet+spa treatment! Book now because it’s a limited introductory promo 🙂

“Spanning an expansive 3800 sqm over 6 storeys, I’M Onsen Spa is the largest state-of-the-art spa facility in the Philippines featuring a unique carbonated bath with technology imported from Japan. The spa houses 69 beds. Guests can choose to avail their treatments in a wide variety of rooms, from communal beds to couple rooms with ensuite jacuzzis or steam rooms, or executive and VIP rooms fit for small exclusive gatherings. It also features relaxation lounges and a buffet restaurant featuring the most exquisite seasonal ingredients handpicked by renowned Chef King Fonacier..” 


I’m Hotel is located in the busy area of Poblacion, it’s chaos in the streets but peace as soon as you step in to the hotel. If you are planning to visit the nearby Century City Mall you can just walk it within 3-5 minutes. It is literally a stoplight or two away! We actually watched a movie with our officemates on our first night. It was very accessible! However, if you need to head to Makati CBD or Ayala Center they have scheduled shuttle services for all their guests. Very convenient and a big bonus indeed.


Their pool side is an Instagrammer’s dream! Photogenic from multiple angles. It’s perfect for lounging with friends even during the day. It would be a sin to take just one photo, trust me you’ll be taking a ton of pictures in this area.


Food is always, always on the criteria when it comes to “judging” a hotel. I can safely say you will be very well-fed in this hotel. I highly recommend having dinner at their Modern Chinese Restaurant Empress Jade (their fried fish skin and chilli crabs were my favorite dishes!!!) and also their International Buffet at BLOOM was worth every buck!

Again, thank you to the staff of IM HOTEL!!! We will be shooting some episodes of Eat, Drink and Be Married there  so please do watch out for our episodes soon on www.industree.tv 🙂 In the meantime, allow me to indulge you with some snapshots from our family’s staycation.

You may book directly through their site www.imhotel.com 🙂

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