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As you know I am the PROMO FARE QUEEN (well trained by my mother of course!) but it looks like the Filarts are fast becoming a PROMO FARE FAMILY too! We snagged swanky business class seats to Australia at 50% off. They came out even cheaper than regular economy fares. Bow, thank you!
My parents-in-law’s BFFs Maiti and Ted Toleman have been gracious enough to open their home to the Filarts for 2 whole weeks! This has got to be one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever been to. Cheap fares and free accommodations?!?! Thank you Lord for allowing us to enjoy all these blessings!!! 🙂 
Jonsy, Cecil and the babies got the guest room, the grandparents crashed Maiti’s office and the Pats got the mini theater!!! This is the best room in the house, if you ask me!:) Extra cozy with our air mattress, oh yeah!
Patrick chilling by the pool…and yes, that’s an actual golf course behind him. I told you this house was AWESOME!!!!:)
But wait, there’s more…they have these cute kangaroos frolicking at the golf course too! Chill lang sila 🙂 Kangaroos in your backyard, wow, only in Australia! Hehehe!
The girls and their favorite Ninong Patrick 🙂 These three are such a riot together!

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