Into The Blue



Call it the “nesting phase”, but I’ve been itching to make some little changes in our condo. I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing through the net looking for home pegs and I have a few bookmarked already. But because we’re tightening our belts for the baby’s arrival, I don’t see a full renovation happening any time soon so for now I’ll have to get a bit creative and make little changes without breaking the bank. One way to give your space a “makeover” without going broke is just by adding a few pieces to your staples. Changing your pillow cases, table cloths, glasses/pitchers, even your pots and pans can already do so much to your drab and dry space.

SM Home just introduced their BLUE Collection and being an Atenean (ahem-ahem), I was instantly drawn towards the pop of blues. This cool tone works for any kind of home—and best of all, it’s a color that both husband and wife will probably agree on! As opposed to fuchsia or lavender?? Hey, real men love PINK! Hahaha! I love how the blues make your space feel so fresh, crisp and cool to the eyes. Here are a few of my picks from their current collection.

IMG_0363IMG_0416 IMG_11664DesktopIMG_11750You can find more cool BLUE items and other happy colors too at all SM HOME Stores nationwide. Availability depends per branch 🙂

See through at the sm store logo

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