It Does Get Better (and Better!)

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Can I get an ALLELUIA!?! Because I feel NORMAL again! I feel average, I feel regular, and it feels uhhh-maaaa-zing!!! You may be laughing at how low I’ve set the bar for myself, why would someone aspire to be average and regular?!? Believe me, after going through what I’ve been through, NORMAL is the NEW WOW in Pattylandia! The past month and a half have been so eventful, pagod na pagod na ako sa “It’s Complicated” status ko! I’m so overjoyed to be my babaw self again with a life that is totally awesome (well, at least to me but understandably boring and corny to others! hehehe!). So here are some things I’d like to praise God for..completely random but all equally meaningful to me.

1. THEO is thriving at 7 WEEKS!

When I was forced to give up breastfeeding after my hospitalization, I prayed unceasingly for God to nourish my son and to fill in the nutrition gaps for me..and HE DID!!! Last Monday, I visited the pediatrician and had my fingers and toes crossed for a positive report. And hip-hip-hooray because not only is he at par, he is actually above average when it comes to his height (thanks to Pat’s genes! Zero credit goes to his 5’3 momma) and he is also at a very healthy weight too, yeyyy!

2. Recovery has been swift and sweet!

When I was down in the dumps and aching in every inch of my body, my friends kept telling me that “This too shall pass” and “Everything will be alright!” and back then it seemed like the farthest thing from reality—but today I rejoice as I am completely healed by the Lord! It has finally passed and everything seems to be alright! The only hassle is cleaning and caring for my healing wound and the limited choices of clothes I can wear to accommodate this—but I’m just so happy I’m no longer in pain, the worst is finally OVER and I can move about freely. Which leads me to #3!

3. I can HUG again!

Now that I’m normal again, I am THE happy, healthy and SILLY PATTY again!!!! The whole month that I was in pain, I couldn’t even hug Patrick in bed because my swollen and wounded breasts were killing me. Same with Theo, each time I would hold him and he would squirm around and hit my chest (which is normal for a baby!) I would hold back the tears and curl my toes–ANG SAKIT! I was desperate to show affection towards my boys but the pain just made it close to impossible to do so. It was so heartbreaking and frustrating to not be able to HUG.  But now the pain is gone and I am able to express my love so freely! Now I can roll over to the side to hug and bug my darling husband when I want to and I can lay my little chubby cheeked baby on my chest without having to wince in pain. Thank you Lord for the gift of snuggles and cuddles!!!!

4. The Village

I do admire couples who have managed to care for their little ones on their own–without any help. You guys are CHAMPIONS!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be, so allow me to slow clap you guys! Mabuhay kayo!!! 🙂 🙂 For us though, we are very grateful to have our “village” to help us raise Theo–both sets of grandparents who lovingly volunteer to babysit. I really would love for Theo to be as close as possible to both sets of grandparents so as early as now, we really are very intentional about planning his QT with each side. Both sides are so malambing with Theo and he is so smitten with them too.

And of course, we LOVE our wonderful Maimai and Cris–who to me are not only our household employees, but more like child-rearing partners. They are part of our family and we are so blessed to have them in our home to help us raise Theo in a healthy and happy environment.

5. We’re not Late, Chocolate!

It’s ALWAYS a major production when there’s a baby involved. Ayayayay! I’m still trying to get the hang of it and it still amazes me to see how much stuff a little human needs in a day!! Just to visit my parents (and they only live 10 minutes away!) requires a lot of planning and strategizing—so I don’t know yet how we’ll fare when it comes to out of towners and longer trips. Yikes!! Well, I guess we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

I’m happy to report though that we’ve managed to be ON TIME to all our engagements so far, which to me is something worth celebrating especially with a newborn! Punctuality is very important to both me and Patrick, it says so much about one’s character and this is something we are very mindful about. We get our bums moving a lot earlier these days and we also make sure we prep way in advance, but it’s an effort we’re happy to work on just so we can manage our time wisely. It won’t be easy but we would like to teach Theo the value of being on time as a way of showing respect and consideration to others. I don’t know if we’ll be able to commit to it 100% as he grows older and has more needs/demands, but we can at least try our very best until we get it right.

6. We’re Getting More Sleep

Our little one has been kind enough to give us a bit more sleep these days. He now feeds in 3-4 hour intervals, which means we’re able to sneak in about 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. This of course is a far cry from the time he was feeding every hour–kaya sleepless in seattle lang kami for weeks!!! Hahaha! I can’t wait for him to actually sleep through the night because I don’t remember how it feels to get in 5 hours and up anymore HAHAHA, but in the meantime we are just grateful to see him transitioning at a very healthy pace.

7. I’m slowly getting my groove back.

In a week, I’ll be returning to work. I love my job and find joy in working and being productive, but I’ve decided to lessen my load this time so I can focus more on my baby. Prior to being a mother, I was a go-go-go workaholic who would take on several projects at a time but now I’m going to develop a new pace—a new routine that will allow me to achieve a healthy work-family life balance. It’ll be a season of trial and error for sure but I’m determined to learn and make it work. I’m surrounded by a lot of happy working moms so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of inspiration from them. It won’t be a walk in the park but by God’s grace, it’ll be something I’ll be able to figure out in time.

8. 17 Pounds To Go!

So I gained about 40 pounds during my pregnancy. There’s a possibility I even gained a bit more but I just sort of stopped weighing myself when I hit 40. Hahahaha! I remember seeing my weight and jumping off the scale like I saw a ghost! I shocked myself! Hahaha! Now I have about 17 stubborn pounds left to lose and because I’m not breastfeeding this means I’ll have to work extra hard to get rid off the baby weight. Oh man!!! You breastfeeding mamas are so darn lucky! I really need to start getting on a post-natal exercise program and start eating properly. So goodbye Kornets! NOOOOO! Huhuhuhu. Well, I don’t plan to lose the weight drastically, I want to do it slowly and safely. Besides I think this new squishy and rounder version of me aint completely bad—I think chubby looks good on me! RIIIIGGGHHHT?!?!?! hahahaha! The things I say just to make it right in my head. Who am I kidding?!?! 🙂

9. My blog readers and friends

YOU guys never fail to amaze me. When I was writing those two posts about my breastfeeding/early motherhood woes, I was completely petrified about the response I would receive! I remember praying to God before clicking the PUBLISH button because I knew I would be made very vulnerable once I put all my deep and personal feelings out there. I was so scared of the repercussions, I was so nervous about the possible backlash, I was bracing myself for a slew of harsh comments. But then I thought to myself, if even just ONE mom relates to my journey then this post would not be in vain–then these words would have meaning. Kahit isa lang, Lord, okay na. So even if the sane Patty told me not to share, something was stirring in my heart and told me to still post those I did. So you can imagine how happy I was when the entries I posted were received with much LOVE, LOVE and MORE LOVE. In my many years of blogging, this is possibly the MOST love I’ve received from my readers—from moms and non- moms alike. So can I just say THANK YOU?? I thank God for each of you. For all your warm messages and prayers, salamat. You have touched me in such a personal way, I don’t know how I can ever repay you guys! Your encouraging words nursed me back to health and I pray that the Lord blesses you back 🙂 🙂

10. The privilege and honor of being called MAMA. 

Just today, I realized how much honor is attached to the word MOTHER. I was having a sandwich lunch with my dad earlier today and in between bites, he just blurted out—“Patty, imagine how lucky you are…to be a mom! Theo really IS a miracle!” and it just hit me then and there how much we prayed desperately for this baby for years. It was like dreaming the impossible dream for us and yet we believed in it so much, we knew it would come, and we claimed it in Jesus name! Today, being a MAMA with my messy hair, milk stained t-shirt, and mega eyebags is my reality!!!! Salamat Panginoon!!!

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  1. hi patty! 🙂 you are such an inspiration. I can read this post over and over again. your posts are so inspiring, I want to be a mom soon! 🙂 God bless you more Patty and your family & keep on inspiring us. — ♥Mek

    • Welcome back Ms Patty!! Looking forward on your post..You’re boy is so cute and tisoy.. Enjoy every milestone with him you’ll never know time flies too fast like a blink of an eye. God bless!

  2. I can so relate esp. with losing weight. I have a 5-month old baby and I am 10kilos heavier huhuhuhu. Like you, I am also unable to breastfeed. I am also a working mom so I don’t have much time to exercise. When I get home from work, I only want to spend my time with my baby. I’m now trying to squeeze in 30mins of exercise a day, and only when my baby is asleep. So hard! I couldn’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

  3. Awwwwww. So proud of you Mama Patty. Been your reader for so long and I can feel through your Mama Posts that you are at your happiest 🙂 God bless you and your little family 🙂

  4. Hello Patty! You know I am not yet a mom, but you have always been my peg for life. Just posting this comment for you already inspires me to also do whatever it takes to live a sweet and blessed life like what you have. My family and my friends knows how much I adore you because I always talk about you.:) Keep blogging and keep inspiring people. You don’t know how much sunshine you bring in the lives of those you’ve touched through your blog. God bless you and your family always Patty!❤️💕

  5. Got teary-eyed reading this post Ms. Patty. Indeed, you are back to regular programming! 🙂 Haha..I don’t normally comment, just read and go. But this time, I just want to tell you that you are such an inspiration since my college days! That’s how many years ago na..since! Hihi I am rejoicing with you especially in this wonderful season of your life. I am not a mommy yet (not even married yet), and I feel every ounce of your emotion in this post. hehe hugs and kisses to your precious little Theo 😀 God bless you and your wonderful family! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Your positivity radiates! I can feel your positive energy and sense of gratitude literally popping out of this article. Thank you for sharing your story, Patty. We can’t wait to read more Mommy stories from you 🙂

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