It’s a BOY!


It’s a BOY! We’re having a BABY BOY!!!! After months of calling the baby in my belly, “HE-SHE” just to be fair, we are now dropping the “SHE” and calling it a “HE” officially. I was actually bummed when we stopped “HE-SHE” since it was a term of endearment Pat and I really had fun with. But I am also extremely happy to know that we are having a BOY! I’ll let you in on a little secret, I actually knew from the very start that it would be a boy. I just felt it. I just knew in my heart. But as a newbie mom, with zero experience, I didn’t want to just go for my gut feeling although most of my friends say that once you acquire your mommy spider senses, it’s almost so accurate it’ll freak you out! Hahaha!

Yesterday’s ultrasound with my OB GYNE confirmed it. My doctor said “Oh, There’s the TURTLE” referring to his putotoy and Patrick and I just kept laughing and crying at the same time. I just love our doctor, Dr. Cora De Jesus of St Lukes BGC. She has such a calm and composed demeanor, I think one of the reasons why I’m enjoying this pregnancy is because I’m bouncing off her chill energy. Believe me, it helps to have a doctor who is not overly panicky and paranoid 🙂 As a patient, you’ll be taking your cues from her/him so best to get someone with a positive (but still realistic) attitude. When Patrick and I left the clinic she told him “Your son will have such an elegant nose!” NAKKKS! Elegant nose ka pala Pat! How random diba, but still so cute of her to say!

To say that Pat was thrilled to be a dad to a boy is an understatement. Let’s just say hindi na niya ako pwedeng awayin in the next YEAR! Hahaha! And so Patrick now has license to buy some Nike kicks for this baby.  He said kahit wala daw damit anak namin, lampin at Air Jordans lang, okay na siya! Hahaha, priorities?!?! I love that we’re having a boy, but having a girl does have it’s remarkable perks too (they’re extra malambing, you can dress them up, they can be your mini me!) –I think whether you’re having a boy or girl, the excitement is just the same 🙂

Of course, we are continuing to pray for a HEALTHY BABY BOY but more than his health, we pray for his heart. It’s been our constant prayer that we be blessed with a boy that has a HEART for OTHERS and a HEART on fire for GOD! That to me would be the best, best gift!!!

We already have a few names in mind, but I’d like to keep them between me and Patrick for now…just so we can hold on to it and enjoy this little secret name game as husband and wife. 🙂 🙂 Picking a name is so much fun and hopefully we find one that will really make this child a living testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives—and that will sound cool and pogi too, aba syempre naman!!!! Kailangan noh!!! HAHAHA!

On separate note, I’m sorry if I haven’t been updating as often as I used to. I promised myself (and even worked on my calendar) that I would go back to regular programming by next week. I miss blogging and keeping you guys posted, it’s just been so hard to keep up with this pregnancy, running our companies, my hosting gigs, and other work in between. But thanks for still checking up on this blog from time to time. I will not disappoint you guys, I owe it to you to churn out more positive content so next week you’ll see more frequent posts!

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  1. congratulations, the pats, on your baby boy! 🙂
    i’m sure you will find a suitable name for him 😀

  2. Congrats, it’s a BOY!He will have a heart on fire for God for sure, having a parents like you and Pat! And he will be so gwapo, can’t wait! <3

  3. Reading between the lines, it shows how you were so giddy about sharing the news to us! My heart melts with so much joy for you and Pat. I will be praying a healthy and graceful pregnancy Ms. Patty! God bless 😉

  4. On the contrary, boys are VERY malambing! They are quite generous with their hugs, kisses and their “I love you”. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! 🙂 It’s always fun to find out the gender and reveal it to people. We did the same with our first two kids, and I can totally relate to the gut feeling about the gender from the onset. Welcome to Mommyhood!

    I am expecting just like you but almost homestretch now. For the third baby, we decided not to reveal the gender. We already have a boy & a girl (who coincidentally shares her birthday with you!) and because this pregnancy has been very difficult and had truly tested our faith, we want to make the baby’s arrival extra exciting by keeping the gender a secret and letting everyone in on a guessing game.

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and keep safe.

  6. Awwww so much love!!!!! Congratulations Patty! Boys are super duper malambing to moms. Pat might even get jealous of him. Haha! My son is super clingy and malambing to the point that he gets irritated everytime his dad hugs and kisses me. Really cute though! Oh and don’t worry about dressing up boys. At first it may seem like we’re so limited with just shorts/pants/shirt/sneaks while girls get the tutu skirts, floral headbands and colorful tights. Dressing up boys is also fun because you tend to challenge yourself a bit more! And yes, moms will have to abide with the first (or even 2nd) pair of mini Jordans. I’ve been there and my husband beams with joy whenever my son wears one. Haha!

    All the very best!!!! You’ll be a SUPERMOM I know it!! 🙂

  7. Hooray! Congrats Patty! 🙂 One more gwapo person in the world.

    Praying for maximum levels of health for you and your baby boy, as well as for Patrick. He’s definitely going to need the energy when your baby comes out hahaha.

    Thanks for sharing your OB’s name btw, been looking for one. 🙂

  8. Congrats to the Pats! Rejoicing with you! In the Bible, a baby is a sign of God’s blessing and favor! Blessings to you both! So excited to know his name soooooon 🙂

  9. Thank you to everyone for posting so many encouraging words 🙂 🙂 I really appreciate all the love,guys!!!
    I’ve read each and every comment and I really am beaming with joy! SALAMAT, SALAMAT!

    There’s one comment I had to delete though, I do not welcome any harsh/unsolicited advice and any negativity in my blog. Most (if not all) of my readers are happy people and this is a happy place, so let’s keep it that way 🙂 Thank you!

  10. I am a mom of 2 boys and I all I can say is they are very malambing… I really like the feeling na ako lang ang girl sa house coz I get pampered and “spoiled”… 🙂 Enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Take care always!

  11. I don’t see how you could post anything negative regarding this post. You said nothing that offends anyone. All you did was announced that you are having a boy. That person must be one bitter person. Congrats on your baby boy! Enjoy motherhood. It’s the most beautiful experience ever!

  12. Hi Patty,..Goodluck to your journey of becoming a mother of a bouncing, healthy, cute, handsome baby boy. I will pray that baby Pat will have a heart for others and a God fearing person he will be. I love you patty. ❤❤ my idol.

  13. Awww thanks for the Mamas of boys in the house—yes, I do agree, just like girls, boys are super sweet too!!! So I’m excited for the lambing! 🙂 Salamat, salamat!

  14. Hi Patty, when you start buying things for your baby, can you share it with us? We would love to see your picks and finds.

  15. not just malambing.. boys are very protective too! Congrats Ms. Patty! You will have your hubby and son to protect you. You are blessed and loved!

  16. what u felt right now is also what I felt last year…. ganyan talaga pag 1st time mom… .and I love reading how excited you are with your baby boy(mine is a boy too)… reading your blog reveals that you are a Christian… continue to be example to others.

  17. I am so happy for you! Puro boys the Laurel grandkids! So much fuuuun! 🙂 I’m praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy for you and Pat! 🙂

  18. I can’t help but comment on this post (in the midst of working hours). I’m a mum of 2 boys and I totally agree that they are very affectionate. Reading about the “jordans” made me grin because that’s my husband’s obsession as well. I found it crazy at first how he jumps online just to find pairs for my boys who are too young to realize that what they’re wearing is actually jordan 😛 Anyway, just thinking that it’s the same thing how I hunt for their “matchy” clothes.

    Just want you to know that I enjoy reading your blogs from the middle of middle earth and it inspire me to go back to blogging.

    Enjoy pregnancy and be safe!

  19. I’m so happy for you Ms. Patty, syempre the name should start with a letter “P” din hehe now I wonder what is the smallest size available of AIR JORDAN kicks! thank you for still sharing/inspiring/bringing good vibes to us even if you have your own family now! :))

  20. Congratulations Ms. Patty! I’m so happy for you. Enjoy your pregnancy and praying for normal delivery. I’m also pregnant with our baby no. 2 and praying for a baby boy. My panganay kasi is Baby Girl na eh. 🙂

  21. Congratulations Patty and Patrick… Hmmm… wondering if the boy will be another 3letter word “Pat” as well… I’m so excited for you!

  22. Congratulations & God bless your baby boy always! My husband & I are also expecting our first baby & reading your blog helps me enjoy this journey all the more! Thank you for the positive vibes! 🙂

  23. Congratulations patty! So true, even from the beginning of my pregnancy i knew it was a boy but still let my husband won the bet! You are such a pretty preggy mom-to-be! Can’t wait to learn a few tricks from you once your little pogi comes out. Im still a newbie in motherhood, my adorable son is 3months old tomorrow….:-)

  24. Hi Pat! I agree with you that having the best OB GYNE really can help out preggy moms on their journey. I had the best one too during my time, to think I had twin girls, t’was double the fear, excitement, nervousness, giddyness– double everything. I am so happy for you. You are one of those celebrities that we– the masa kind of people can look up to. Cheers to a wonderful pregnancy!

  25. Congrats! It’s a boy!! 🙂 If we will be blessed by God to have a child, I would want it to be a boy too… sana yung sa amin soon.

    I just have this thought that this boy will be all smiles too like his parents! Baka nga ndi umiyak bagkus siya ay nakatawa pag lumabas! :p

    Enjoy and hope to see litte PATato soon! 🙂

  26. praise God! i know you dont know me (at all! haha) but i have been praying for this for quite some time! i just feel so grateful to God for answering this. we, your readers, rejoice with you and patrick! may His grace and faithfulness be with you always. praying for a safe and smooth delivery, IJN! =)

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