January 2017 with Theo

For 2017, I thought it would be great to sort of document Theo’s little milestones. For posterity sake, it would be good to look back on it at the end of each year and see how much God has been faithful in his life and in my life as his mom too! I probably won’t go into detail (and bore you all with my sappy mommy-ness) and just share at least one aspect at the end of each month. I think it’s GREAT to celebrate our children and so this is my way of doing that. 🙂 Ipagyabang na natin sila to the point of embarrassment! Let’s be annoying moms together! Wala ng pa-chill-chill, let’s go all out. HAHAHA!

Every time I second-guess myself as a mom, which happens ALL THE TIME, I always look to my husband for encouragement. And he always tells me the same thing: to just look at Theo and see how much he’s grown..and that should be enough of a pat on the back for me as a mom. But that’s just the thing, I honestly think Theo is just really smart, adorable and delightful all on his own and I had nothing to do with it! I guess I brought him into this world so that should count as a contribution, right??? HAHAHA! But on a serious note, it is humbling as a mom to see your child flourish all on his own—a tangible reminder that HE REALLY belongs to GOD and that GOD is ever-present in every stage of his development. When we see how amazing they are—It really is more of a God-thing than a mom/dad-thing, diba???

I always get comments from random people who are impressed by how receptive, responsive, sociable and animated he is..and it always makes me so grateful to be Theo’s mom! That by some miracle, this kid was assigned to me for LIFE! Despite his thug-like brooding looks, he really is a warm and friendly little human. He rarely fusses at the sight of new people and actually gets excited when meeting new friends. I really hope he will always have this friend-to-all vibe that he’s totally owning now as a 1 year old.

For January, I would like to celebrate Theo’s gift of communication. He is such an effective communicator and it sometimes stuns me 🙂 Ever since Theo turned 11 months he’s become a word sponge. For all the moms out there, I’m sure you understand why it’s both good and bad to be in this phase! Hahaha! It only takes him one try to get a word right and so we’ve been very careful with the words we say around him. I remember saying “Love, don’t hit my boobs!” while we were wrestling in bed and he looked at me and laughed “Boob! Boob! Boob!” and said it all afternoon. Patay.

I wish I could take the credit, but I really can’t. It’s not like I implemented some amazing academic program for him to do at home to encourage him to formulate those words easily . WALEYYY! NADA! ZILCH! HAHAHA! (I will in the future be more prepared, I promise!!! I will!!!) Patrick and I just try our very best to converse with him all the time, ubusan lang ng laway to describe everything and anything to him so he’s able to expand his vocabulary just by hearing words and making correlations. Same goes for our household help and rest of the family—we all just keep talking, explaining, engaging with him as much as we can which doesn’t cost a cent, just time and saliva.

These are the words he’s been saying repeatedly and clearly for the past few months. There are a dozen more words he can say but still “bulol” so once he masters those words, I’ll surely add to the list. I’m sure I am also forgetting his other words but I’ll try to list what I can. He mastered his vocabulary even more when he turned 15 months and now at 18 months can do 2 and 3 word combinations already! Woohooo!!! So yes, January 2017 was pretty awesome 🙂 Will check back with you guys end of Feb!

Names of Family:

Mama. Dada. Oma. Opa. Lolo JJ. Lala Leah. NatNat. Aud. Baby (Ethan).

He also calls me Mama Patty and Dada Pat.

Names of Extended Family/Helpers at home and at my mom’s:

Mei-Mei (MaiMai). Jo. Ste. Lolo Ul (Raul). Nante (Renante). Anna. 

He asks us to sing “Jesus Loves ______” and change the names of each person in our family and household. He’s such a thoughtful boy, asking Jesus to “love” the people he loves too!


Black. White. Green. Purple. Yellow. Red. Blue. Gray. Pink. Brown. 

He can name the colors very accurately! This was a skill we were actually quite shocked to see he mastered all on his own and at 1 year and 3 months!


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Ven (Seven, still working on it). Eight. Nine. Ten. 

He can recite numbers in rote order with minimal prodding.


Cat. Dog. Cow. Lion (with growl). Tiger. Frog. Fish. Bear. Turtle. Crab. Whale. Phant (Elephant still in progress). Bird. Owl. Mouse. Duck. 

Other Objects and Verbs:

Sun. Moon. Stars. Spoon. Wound. Milk. Food. Door. Light. Wheels. Bed. Pillow. Ladder. Chair. Table. Pen. Apple Pen. (hahaha). Wiper. Paper. Video. Phone. Book. Aircon. Fan. Water. Play. Bath. Eat. House. Sky. Mouth. Ders (Shoulders, hehehe). Nose. Teeth. Eyes. Kili Kili. TumTum (stomach). Spray. Keys. Bag. Backpack. Open. Close. 


Truck. Bus. Tractor. Plane. Boat. Choo Choo Train. Car. Copter (Helicopter). Bike. Van. Jeep. Motor. 

Two and Three word combinations since he turned 17 months:

Transportation: Blue Car. Dump Truck. Black Bus. School Bus. Tow Truck. Small Bus. Big Truck. Red Tractor.  Yellow School Bus.

He also does color+transpo combinations and even color+milk combinations—-because we buy him different milk like soy, almond, fresh, etc. Hahaha! So he’d go “Purple Milk” for Soy, “Green Milk” for fresh milk, “Cow Milk” for Cowhead! HAHAHA

Other phrases: Milk Please. Open Door. Food Please. Pray Wound (Pray for his wound). Sleep. Dada, sit. Mama, Down (to go down). Drive, please.  and his favorite—-Umaambon! HAHAHA!


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  1. Your son is so precious, huhu. Every time you post videos of him on IG stories I find myself tapping back over and over because he’s the most adorable little boy in the planet! He’s so cute, it makes me cry sometimes. I swear, I ugly cry over my phone because of him. Haha!

  2. I love that you can see how much he is getting-to-know Jesus already– Jesus loves ____, pray wound! God bless, Theo! 🙂

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