Whenever Patrick and I find ourselves in a very photogenic place, we’ll have a little friendly competition and try to outdo each other’s photos. Meron pa kaming inside joke na “Uyyy… Jume-JELITO!” which of course when translated in regular terms would mean: “Wow, that’s a great photo!” hahahaha! Needless to say, Jelito De Leon has become our Instagram idol and we both are big fans of his work. So when my good friend/lifestyle blogger CAT JUAN-LEDESMA announced that she was teaming up with JDL (parang JLC:John Lloyd Cruz—JDL:Jelito De Leon! Hahahahaha!) for a Mobile Photography Workshop, I JUST HAD TO sign up for it!!!!

The workshop was held at BUNGALOW 300 in Alabang, a pretty little shop with well-curated local items. I should definitely plan a separate visit–just to shop! Hihihihi! Jelito facilitated a very straightforward, practical and engaging workshop on Mobile Photography. He was so GENEROUS with his tips and tricks, I was surprised he actually divulged all his secrets to the group! It made me look up to him all the more. I really love it when creatives share information with others–it shows a pay-it-forward kind of attitude, a genuine love for the craft. He walked us through each tip and answered all our questions too. He explained everything so thoroughly, in a way that regular non-photographers like me would be able to understand. I had a lot of little “Ooooh.So that’s how it’s done!” and “Hey, that makes so much sense!” moments throughout the session.

After Jelito’s workshop, Cat stepped in and treated all of us to a bevy of goodies. She hosted a raffle featuring her favorite local products of the season 🙂 I was happy to take home items from So True, Zen Nutrients and GRID! But my most favorite part—THE SALO-SALO! Cat and Bungalow 300 prepared a HUGE spread of food for us to enjoy and take photos of (to practice Jelito’s tricks&tips on). It was a very chill time for us to meet new people and exchange ideas. Please visit Cat’s blog for more details on the raffle items and food products on www.catjuan.com. My favorites: Sweet+Tart Apples from @thebadapple_ph (the apples covered in White Chocolate were to die for!), @StanfordShawBrewing Ginger Ale (So refreshing! I love Ginger Ale!), @BakedbyAnita’s Cakes and Truffle Mushroom Bocaditos (I could eat these all day!), @TakeRootPH’s Kale Chips (With Vegan Cheese–Highly Addictive!), Macarons from @FatfingersPH and Cookies from @CookieBarManila.

Kudos to Cat for being a champion for local brands!!!! Cat is definitely one of my blogging heroes and she has inspired me in so many ways—as both a blogger and a friend. Another good friend of mine, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and I were just talking about how much we love Cat. She’s just so warm and easy going, it’s always nice engaging with her. I always learn something new from her blog and that’s why I’ll always be a frequent visitor of her site. Oh and her IG feed is also a source of inspiration, you guys have to follow her @catjuanledesma NOW! I think I can use “CUMA-CATJUAN” as a new term too! Hahaha 🙂

I’m so glad Patrick and I attended this Sunday workshop. Talagang “JUME-JELITO” na kami ngayon! Hahaha! But seriously though, I was so inspired by the workshop! Now, I just want to take more photos and capture more snippets of my life 🙂 I wish I could just stick to landscapes, tablescapes, and well styled images all the time but my life is really a mishmash of different things (my work life, food I love, products I support, people I enjoy spending time with, places I’ve visited, cheesy shots with Pat, etc) and so I guess I can’t really stick to one theme, hehehe. But it won’t hurt to make my posts more aesthetically appealing and to add a bit of love into each photo. Whether it’s just a shot of my nephew playing or a bowl of grapes—there’s beauty even in the most mundane things and with a little effort you can inspire others to see things in a new light through your images. Thanks again to Cat, Jelito and Bungalow 300 for hosting this workshop. I HOPE you will have more workshops next year—I will be your suki for sure. Hahaha! Please???? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Dearest Patty,

    Thank you so much to you and Pat for spending your Sunday with us. This blog post really captured the energy of our afternoon together. You are such an inspiration. Here’s to more adventures together in 2015! 🙂 Love you! <3


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