John and Yoko

It’s always, always a pleasure trying new restaurants with my family. And I also love rekindling my love affair for old restos as well. We’re a happy foodie family so whenever a restaurant graciously extends an invitation, we’re always on board with eager tummies.

After about 8 years in the Greenbelt scene, John and Yoko just recently got a makeover—with both their interiors (so chic by the way! looks Tokyo-Scandic!) and their menu as well. They now have 3 superstar chefs in their kitchen—each bringing their A game to the table (literally).

“To match the new “Instagrammable” interiors of John & Yoko, three chefs collaborated to form the culinary team behind the restaurant’s new menu, balancing playfulness, tradition, and innovation. Chef Chris Oronce, considered one of the rising stars of Japanese cooking in the Philippines, heads John & Yoko and lends bold playfulness to the menu, banking on his experience at Nobu New York and Shibuya in Las Vegas.  Chef Benjamin “Bengon” Gonzales provides the foundation on tradition, with his extensive experience in Japanese cuisine since the 80s, previously training in Torigin and Furosato before his ten-year stint with the SumoSam group. Meanwhile, adding innovation to the mix is Chef Sonny Mariano, an up and coming chef who trained in the prestigious Setai Hotel and Miami and has won awards representing the Philippines in international competitions, such as the Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) Culinary Challenge 2016 in Singapore last April, and the First Medal at the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) in 2015.” -John and Yoko PR

My top favorites include: 1) Shoft Shell Crab Taco 2)Scallop Dynamite 3) Chicken and Shrimp Japaella 4)Roponggi Steak 5) Uni Pizza 6)Dessert Bento. These were the standout dishes for me in their very creative menu. Check out J&Y in Greenbelt 5 today!

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