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I’ve been seriously RETHINKING my personal health conditions lately. One of the things I’ve neglected would be my vitamin intake..it’s something SO SIMPLE and SO ELEMENTARY but we all tend to take this for granted. I have a whole list of vitamins & minerals I should be stocking up on but for now let’s talk about the basics–VITAMIN C!!!! Parang bata lang noh!? 

According to WEBMD, vitamin C may offer health benefits in these areas:

1. Stress. “A recent meta-analysis showed vitamin C was beneficial to individuals whose immune system was weakened due to stress — a condition which is very common in our society,” says Moyad.  And, he adds, “because vitamin C is one of the nutrients sensitive to stress, and [is] the first nutrient to be depleted in alcoholics, smokers, and obese individuals, it makes it an ideal marker for overall health.” 

2. Colds. When it comes to the common cold, vitamin C may not be a cure. But some studies show that it may help prevent more serious complications. “There is good evidence taking vitamin C for colds and flu can reduce the risk of developing further complications, such as pneumonia and lung infections,” says Moyad. 

3. Stroke. Although research has been conflicting, one study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those with the highest concentrations of vitamin C in their blood were associated with 42% lower stroke risk than those with the lowest concentrations.  The reasons for this are not completely clear. But what is clear is that people who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables have higher blood levels of vitamin C.“People who consume more fruit and vegetables will not only have higher [blood] levels of vitamin C, but higher intake of other nutrients potentially beneficial to health, such as fiber and other vitamins and minerals,” study researcher Phyo K. Myint said in an email interview. 

4. Skin Aging. Vitamin C affects cells on the inside and outside of the body.  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined links between nutrient intakes and skin aging in 4,025 women aged 40-74. It found that higher vitamin C intakes were associated with a lower likelihood of a wrinkled appearance, dryness of the skin, and a better skin-aging appearance. 

Tamang-tama because over the holidays, I got a box of SMART C juices from the Oishi Family. They asked me to try it and to blog about my experience. I’ve grown to love these refreshing energy boosters, I even serve them for our kiddie guests at home. They’re ALL NATURAL–no added preservatives, no artifical colors, and no artificial sweeteners too kaya safe for kids. I usually have a bottle or two during the day, especially when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Each 500ml bottle contains the Vitamin C equivalent of 11 lemons, 8 oranges, or 4 grapefruits. If you’re the type who hates drinking Vitamin C in capsule/tablet form–maybe this could be a good alternative for you.

This is a sponsored post by Smart C.

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  1. hi patty, you can also try drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. Just squeeze half lemon to warm water and drink it as it is. Lemons not only boost the immune system but also detoxifies the liver! Stay healthy, idol!:)